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How To Automate Your Sales Process So You Can Create A Freedom Lifestyle

I am all about creating a lifestyle business. A business that allows me to live life on my terms.

But I have to admit that for years I didn’t think much about lifestyle. I knew I wanted to build a business online, but that was about as far as I thought about living life on my terms.

Here is the problem with that – you end up creating another job for yourself and you make life harder than it has to be.

That’s exactly what I did when I created my first writing business. And that’s no good especially if you want to live a more freedom based lifestyle.

I said all that to say that if you want a freedom lifestyle then you must find ways to automate your business.

So does that mean exactly?

Just as the name says, automated, has to do with automation or doing things in a mechanical way or in a way that REMOVES a person having to do the thing. Automated income is leveraged income. Meaning you use tools to help move your process along automatically.

There are quite a few things that can be automated in your online business. Here are a few examples:

  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Digital downloads
  • Client scheduling

But the kind of automated system I’m talking about is really all about automating the SALES process. This means that you are growing your email list and sending people through your email funnel 24/7 to make more sales while you are doing other things.

If you took a few days off and didn’t do any work would you be able to continue your sales and biz growth? Or would everything stop during those times? 

This is exactly what will NOT happen if you had an automated system running in your business and you decide to take a vacation, get sick, or have to tend to the issues of life.

If you said everything would stop then you need to set this system up in your biz now!

How To Set Up An Automated Sales Process

The system is made up of three main parts: free offer, email sequence, and paid advertising.

Freebie Offer – This is the irresistible offer you make to woo them onto your email list. One of the quickest ways to establish the trust, know, like factor is to teach on a webinar. At the end of the webinar you can pitch your program or service.

Emails – Some people will not take action right away. That’s why you must have a compelling follow up sequence. This is a series of emails that go out over the first 10-14 days to help move your subscribers to make a buying decision.

Facebook Ads – Quickly find TARGETED people to get in front of. Your ideal clients are out there and they are most likely on Facebook.

Create your freebie offer and connect it to your autoresponder. Set up your emails to go out automatically over the next week or so. Set up Facebook ads that attract your ideal customers and monitor it so you are getting good click through rates and cost per conversion.

Once this is all set up correctly, the only thing you are doing is monitoring your Facebook ad campaigns. You can step away from your business and because of this system you will continue to build your list and make sales. Note: this only works well if you have a proven program/course/service that sells. If you don’t yet, then you’ll need to test your market to make sure it’s what they want prior to setting this up.

Do you see the power in this system?

The best part is that you can set it up HOWEVER you want. You can use this system to engage your tribe, sell more programs/courses/service, sell a retreat, or launch something new!

Let me know how you’ll use this system in your biz!


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Is Your Business On Life Support? Here’s How To Revive It…

lisastoops.comI’ve found that if you are NOT getting traction in your business it’s because of a few key reasons.

1. You are NOT in alignment with what you are offering. So the energy is not there and your audience can pick up on that. If you want to revive the energy…dig deeper and find that thing that REALLY LIGHTS you up. NOT what you think you should or shouldn’t be doing and all those crazy thoughts we think.

2. You are NOT targeting or attracting the right people. Who do you really want to work with? I’ve struggled with this a lot over the years. At first you think you want to work with anyone…until you start working with the wrong type of people. Decide exactly who you want to work with and attract them while repelling others.

3. You are making the wrong offers. Maybe you are attracting your idea
l clients, but if you are not making the sales you want then you might just be offering the wrong thing to the right people. Get on the phone/Skype with your ideal clients and see what they really need help with. If you talk to 10 people and they all say the same thing then you are on to something. Create and offer that!

4. You don’t take enough of the right actions. You listen to every webinar, buy every course, and jump around from one idea to the next. These are NOT the right actions. There is a time for learning and a time for to take the right actions. Put your blinders on and CREATE your offer and get it out to market. Focus on marketing the offer until it’s making you money and don’t think about moving on to anything else until you are.

5. You are NOT consistent in your marketing strategy and efforts. You get excited about using one type of strategy for a couple of days and then you are off to the next strategy. You get zero momentum when you spread yourself too thin like this. The key is to focus on 1 or 2 strategies and do them consistently.

Have I just described you?

If you said YES then I’d love to help you get on the right path with my 90 minute power session. Clients are LOVING this service (and so am I)! Let’s get you back on track – fast! Learn more here.



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10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Create More Cash In Less Time

Copy of Create Your First Online Course (2)Sometimes, as coaches, consultants, trainers, we get in our own way. We tend to make business and creating cash flow so much harder on ourselves OR we don’t always make the most of the content we already have. But any time you can work once and get paid on it over and over – you are working so much smarter.

And that’s why I’m here – to help you work smarter!

When I need an extra boost in my cash flow I do one or a couple of these things below.  These will help you either generate quick cash OR create multiple streams of revenue with one source of content (again working smarter).

  1. Sell 10 60-90 minute private sessions – If you already sell coaching packages then a quick way to generate cash is to sell a small package based on one specific topic or result. This can bring in a wave of new clients.
  2. Put together a 10 or 14 day challenge – Challenges are so fun because they work well to help clients get results fast. BUT you have to make sure you have a narrow topic with a main point or end result for the challenge. An example might be to get your first client in 14 days.
  3. Create a 4 week live bootcamp – I love doing these. If you already have an idea of what you could do then you don’t need to do anything but sell the spots and then create the content as you go.
  4. Take the recordings from your challenge and your bootcamp and you have two digital courses you can sell! BAM and done.
  5. Listen and take good notes on those 60-90 minute private sessions I mentioned above, identify common problems and then create a 12 week DIY study course on it.
  6. Upsell 1-2-1 private coaching upon the purchase of your 12 week DIY study course.
  7. Host a free webinar on a hot topic in your industry – leave nothing out – and then turn around and sell it.
  8. Create a library of training’s and charge access to it (even on a monthly basis – instant membership site)!
  9. Create small group masterminds around one solution you provide that last 12-24 weeks (depending on the topic). Keeping it small makes it personable and result oriented.
  10. Turn any piece of highly popular content you have into a digital product and let your email list know about it today.

Do you see how you may have been over-complicating digital product creation? Do you believe you can get one of these up and running now? I hope so. Let me know which one resonates with you!

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7 Tools You Need When Creating and Launching Your First Online Course

7 Tools You Need When Creating and LaunchingIf you’ve ever wanted to create an online course or program but got overwhelmed by all of the tech and tools needed then this post is for you.

There are soooo many tools you *could* use, which ones *should* you use? It can be so frustrating, right!?

Plus technology can be scary if you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing! Like anything, you have to learn how to use it and that in itself can leave your head spinning!

In this post, I want to make it super easy for you especially if you are just beginning. I’ve used a lot of different tools over the years – some good and others not so much.

The list below is what I use to create and promote my online courses. I want to make getting started super easy for you.

Obviously before you get started you need a domain name and hosting. I love and use BlueHost. After that you can build your course site with WordPress. Install WordPress easily through your hosting provider.

OptimizePress (Highly Recommended)

To make a professional course site you need design skills OR you can use this WordPress plugin – OptimizePress (OP). It is what I use and HIGHLY recommend. OP has everything a beginner needs AND will save you a LOT of time. The benefits of OP is that you can create professional opt-in pages/landing pages, sales page, member pages, and it will secure your  content. It also automatically gives people a password and adds people to an email list. Plus you can start small and then scale with OP adding more and more courses if you like. If you are not tech savvy or do not have design experience then this is the perfect solution. No need to look elsewhere. 


Building your email list is the most important thing you can do in your business. So you’ll need a tool to help you collect emails. I use and love AWeber. If you are on a budget you can start off with MailChimp, however, you will want to upgrade to a paying account so you can automate emails.

Inside OP, you can create an opt-in page and connect your email account so you can easily build your list. Create an irresistible freebie offer that will provide value and lead people to buy your course. 

You don’t need to buy if you have OP. 

Video Tools

To create videos all you really need is a smart phone. I use my iPhone and the app iMovie to edit. If you want to only record the screen you can use Camtasia (PC) or Screenflow (Mac). If you’re just starting out and need something less expensive you can use Snagit. You’ll also need a mic and/or headset.

Video Hosting

Video files are huge so you don’t want to store them on  your hosting account. So I use and recommended either Amazon S3 (very low monthly charge depending on video view or usage) or Wistia (free an pro available). Both connect with OP and are easy to use.

Webinar Tools

To promote your course, I recommend doing webinars. Webinars are a great way to engage and connect with your audience. If you are unsure about webinars, but want to try them out, you don’t have to purchase webinar software. You can use Google Hangouts On Air and embed the video into your own page by using OP. Use ChatWing to add a chat box to your page. Here’s a video on how to do it (you don’t have to use Leadpages as in the example, you can use OptimizePress).

Facebook Ads (Optional BUT Highly Recommended)

To build your list and awareness of your online course I highly recommend using Facebook ads. You can start with a $5 per day and get results. Facebook ads is about trial and error and strategy. Start with getting people to sign up for your freebie offer. So ad goes directly to opt-in page. Target pages that your ideal clients would ‘like’. The other thing you should make sure you do is set up a tracking pixel on your website so you can retarget visitors that come to your site. Learn more about how I can help you with your ads.

And of course you’ll need a payment processor like PayPal or Stripe.

These are really the ONLY tools you need to get started creating and launching your first course. Now you have zero excuses! It’s time to get it done. 🙂


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How To Create More Profitability and Stability In Your Business

I love strategy. It’s so fun to put a plan in place, work it, and get results! One thing I’ve been focusing on lately is helping new coaches and service providers get profitable.

I’m super passionate about this because when you focus on getting profitable everything else falls into place…meaning you don’t feel pressured or desperate to make decisions in your business. You have more of a peace of mind, more clarity, and more confidence in your business! When you feel like this…you create so much momentum and you become unstoppable in your biz!

Here is a simple strategy you can put to action in your business so you can create more profitability and stability:

1. Get Clients.  The first thing a new coach or service provider should be focusing on is getting new clients in the door. This helps you really understand what your clients need and want. It really helps you understand their underlying motivations and desires. Focus on getting them the results they want. Focusing on one on one client work will help you bring cash in now and help you get more clarity about the people you want to work with.

2. Leverage Your Time. After you have worked with enough people to understand the common issues and problems that come up – now is a great time to leverage your time by creating a group program or online course that will help your ideal clients get the results they want without working with you on a one to one basis.  A group program or course can run all the time or several times a year and will bring in more cash without being time consuming.

3. Add Recurring Income. After running group programs and online courses the next step is to add a layer of recurring income. Recurring income adds so much more stability to your business because you no longer have to start the month off at zero. This could be a high level exclusive mastermind or year coaching program with monthly payments. The sky is the limit on what you could create. The key is to take a look at what you’ve been doing and get feedback from clients and customers to see what they might need or want that will support them.

Adding these as layers throughout the year will help you create a lot more profitability and stability in your business. Try it and let me know how it goes.

Need help implementing any of these layers into your biz? Let’s chat about my 4 week bootcamp going on now. Book a mini session here.