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How To Automate Your Sales Process So You Can Create A Freedom Lifestyle

I am all about creating a lifestyle business. A business that allows me to live life on my terms.

But I have to admit that for years I didn’t think much about lifestyle. I knew I wanted to build a business online, but that was about as far as I thought about living life on my terms.

Here is the problem with that – you end up creating another job for yourself and you make life harder than it has to be.

That’s exactly what I did when I created my first writing business. And that’s no good especially if you want to live a more freedom based lifestyle.

I said all that to say that if you want a freedom lifestyle then you must find ways to automate your business.

So does that mean exactly?

Just as the name says, automated, has to do with automation or doing things in a mechanical way or in a way that REMOVES a person having to do the thing. Automated income is leveraged income. Meaning you use tools to help move your process along automatically.

There are quite a few things that can be automated in your online business. Here are a few examples:

  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Digital downloads
  • Client scheduling

But the kind of automated system I’m talking about is really all about automating the SALES process. This means that you are growing your email list and sending people through your email funnel 24/7 to make more sales while you are doing other things.

If you took a few days off and didn’t do any work would you be able to continue your sales and biz growth? Or would everything stop during those times? 

This is exactly what will NOT happen if you had an automated system running in your business and you decide to take a vacation, get sick, or have to tend to the issues of life.

If you said everything would stop then you need to set this system up in your biz now!

How To Set Up An Automated Sales Process

The system is made up of three main parts: free offer, email sequence, and paid advertising.

Freebie Offer – This is the irresistible offer you make to woo them onto your email list. One of the quickest ways to establish the trust, know, like factor is to teach on a webinar. At the end of the webinar you can pitch your program or service.

Emails – Some people will not take action right away. That’s why you must have a compelling follow up sequence. This is a series of emails that go out over the first 10-14 days to help move your subscribers to make a buying decision.

Facebook Ads – Quickly find TARGETED people to get in front of. Your ideal clients are out there and they are most likely on Facebook.

Create your freebie offer and connect it to your autoresponder. Set up your emails to go out automatically over the next week or so. Set up Facebook ads that attract your ideal customers and monitor it so you are getting good click through rates and cost per conversion.

Once this is all set up correctly, the only thing you are doing is monitoring your Facebook ad campaigns. You can step away from your business and because of this system you will continue to build your list and make sales. Note: this only works well if you have a proven program/course/service that sells. If you don’t yet, then you’ll need to test your market to make sure it’s what they want prior to setting this up.

Do you see the power in this system?

The best part is that you can set it up HOWEVER you want. You can use this system to engage your tribe, sell more programs/courses/service, sell a retreat, or launch something new!

Let me know how you’ll use this system in your biz!


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Is Your Business On Life Support? Here’s How To Revive It… I’ve found that if you are NOT getting traction in your business it’s because of a few key reasons.

1. You are NOT in alignment with what you are offering. So the energy is not there and your audience can pick up on that. If you want to revive the energy…dig deeper and find that thing that REALLY LIGHTS you up. NOT what you think you should or shouldn’t be doing and all those crazy thoughts we think.

2. You are NOT targeting or attracting the right people. Who do you really want to work with? I’ve struggled with this a lot over the years. At first you think you want to work with anyone…until you start working with the wrong type of people. Decide exactly who you want to work with and attract them while repelling others.

3. You are making the wrong offers. Maybe you are attracting your idea
l clients, but if you are not making the sales you want then you might just be offering the wrong thing to the right people. Get on the phone/Skype with your ideal clients and see what they really need help with. If you talk to 10 people and they all say the same thing then you are on to something. Create and offer that!

4. You don’t take enough of the right actions. You listen to every webinar, buy every course, and jump around from one idea to the next. These are NOT the right actions. There is a time for learning and a time for to take the right actions. Put your blinders on and CREATE your offer and get it out to market. Focus on marketing the offer until it’s making you money and don’t think about moving on to anything else until you are.

5. You are NOT consistent in your marketing strategy and efforts. You get excited about using one type of strategy for a couple of days and then you are off to the next strategy. You get zero momentum when you spread yourself too thin like this. The key is to focus on 1 or 2 strategies and do them consistently.

Have I just described you?

If you said YES then I’d love to help you get on the right path with my 90 minute power session. Clients are LOVING this service (and so am I)! Let’s get you back on track – fast! Learn more here.



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10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Create More Cash In Less Time

Copy of Create Your First Online Course (2) Sometimes, as coaches, consultants, trainers, we get in our own way. We tend to make business and creating cash flow so much harder on ourselves OR we don’t always make the most of the content we already have. But any time you can work once and get paid on it over and over – you are working so much smarter.

And that’s why I’m here – to help you work smarter!

When I need an extra boost in my cash flow I do one or a couple of these things below.  These will help you either generate quick cash OR create multiple streams of revenue with one source of content (again working smarter).

  1. Sell 10 60-90 minute private sessions – If you already sell coaching packages then a quick way to generate cash is to sell a small package based on one specific topic or result. This can bring in a wave of new clients.
  2. Put together a 10 or 14 day challenge – Challenges are so fun because they work well to help clients get results fast. BUT you have to make sure you have a narrow topic with a main point or end result for the challenge. An example might be to get your first client in 14 days.
  3. Create a 4 week live bootcamp – I love doing these. If you already have an idea of what you could do then you don’t need to do anything but sell the spots and then create the content as you go.
  4. Take the recordings from your challenge and your bootcamp and you have two digital courses you can sell! BAM and done.
  5. Listen and take good notes on those 60-90 minute private sessions I mentioned above, identify common problems and then create a 12 week DIY study course on it.
  6. Upsell 1-2-1 private coaching upon the purchase of your 12 week DIY study course.
  7. Host a free webinar on a hot topic in your industry – leave nothing out – and then turn around and sell it.
  8. Create a library of training’s and charge access to it (even on a monthly basis – instant membership site)!
  9. Create small group masterminds around one solution you provide that last 12-24 weeks (depending on the topic). Keeping it small makes it personable and result oriented.
  10. Turn any piece of highly popular content you have into a digital product and let your email list know about it today.

Do you see how you may have been over-complicating digital product creation? Do you believe you can get one of these up and running now? I hope so. Let me know which one resonates with you!

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The 5 Step Simple Sales Funnel That Converts

Sometimes it helps to just write down your sales funnel process with pen and paper so you can actually SEE it. There are many ways to construct a sales funnel, but for now let’s talk about a simple yet effective way to build it out.

Everything You Need:

  • Blog Post (could be video, audio, text)
  • Free Offer (lead magnet)
  • An Introductory Offer
  • A Core Offer
  • LeadPages or OptimizePress (or if you are a designer you can use your skills and WordPress only)
  • Autoresponder (I use AWeber)
  • Emails To Follow Up

Before you get started you must have a good think. What are you ultimately selling? You want to lead your prospects on a journey…..and the journey must be in order.

For example, if you’re dining out (and you live in the USA) then you usually start out with an appetizer followed by a salad, your main meal, and then dessert. You don’t start out with dessert (not talking about exceptions here lol).

The sales funnel is the same way…you want to start off with something that speaks to part of the problem your ideal clients are having and then leads them on to the next step.

This five step sales funnel is designed to give great free content up front so you’re prospects can get an idea of your expertise and credibility so they can know, like and trust you faster.

So before you begin the process, you want to think about what you’re selling and then get in your client’s shoes and think about where they are and where they want to go.

The Five Steps Broken Down

Blog Content – This can be in any form – video, audio, written text. The goal here is to create a post that gives a ton of value and introduces your visitor to the problem they are having and possible ways to solve it.  This part is key to the overall five steps for two reasons: you are giving great value for free and it is part of the ad strategy listed below.

Examples that work:  Top 5 Mistakes, 3 Myths, 7 Steps to xyz

Freebie Offer – You want to get your visitors on your email list and ideally from the blog post.  So the free offer should be something very related to the blog post.

Examples that work:  Checklist, Worksheet, or Tips Report

Introductory Offer – Ultimately you want the person who signs up to your email list to become a customer. The introductory offer is designed to do just that. After they sign up they are taken to a page and given a low cost intro offer that helps them with the overall problem they are experiencing. The introductory offer is great for two reasons: it turns visitors into customers and customers are easier to sell to and it provides funding for advertising.

Examples that work:  A smaller portion of your core offer, a How To Guide, a Mini Course

Advertising – Advertising is a critical part of this sales funnel process. Ads allow you to automate lead generation, get targeted leads quickly, and grow your business much faster than if you didn’t use them. I would experiment with all social media ads, but pick one platform first.

Facebook ads are proven to be effective for coaches and service providers so start there.

You’ll want to create a two types of ads:

  1. One ad will send people to your blog post. I recently found out that it has been much cheaper to send people to a blog post than to a opt-in page (not always, but sometimes). You can also experiment sending traffic directly to your opt-in page.
  2. The other ad will retarget people who went to your blog post – asking them if they signed for your free offer (which you had in the blog post).

Core Offer and Follow Up – The money is in the follow up. You want to lead your customers to buy your core offer. This is the more comprehensive offer you have. You will set up two email lists; one for customers and one for prospects. You’ll want to send different emails to each type of person.

Make sure to turn on list automation in your autoresponder so when a prospect becomes a customer they get automatically unsubscribed from the prospect email list. Craft an email sequence of about 7-10 emails over the course of two weeks for the initial round of getting people to ultimately purchase your core offer. These emails will be a mix of pure content, testimonials, case studies, and other info you think they will need in order to make a buying decision. See my report Automated Email Funnels for more info.

Here are a couple of examples just to give you an idea of how this could work.

Putting This To Work: Coaching Example

Fitness Coach for New Moms…

  • Core Offer: 90 Days Fit Mom Rockin’ Body
  • Intro Offer: 7 Day Fast Fat Loss Challenge (The Healthy Way) – Mini Course
  • Freebie Offer: Checklist (What Foods To Eat and Which Ones To Stay Away From)
  • Blog Post:  5 Fat Loss Myths For Moms (And What To Do Instead)

Putting This To Work: Service Pro Example

Facebook Ads Consultant

  • Core Offer: Strategy Sessions or Done For You Facebook Ads
  • Intro Offer: Targeting For Effective FB Ads Mini Course
  • Freebie Offer: 7 Step Checklist (Don’t Miss A Thing)
  • Blog Post: 7 Simple Steps To Ads That Convert

Okay, now it’s your turn! How can you best lead your audience into a sales funnel that converts? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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Is Your Biz On Track?

FullSizeRender (30)

We celebrated my son’s 12th birthday yesterday. I never noticed time flying by as much as I do now-a-days being a mom. It’s crazysauce!

Speaking of time…we only have a few short months left of 2015. Remember those goals you set waaaay back in January? Are you on track?

If not, it’s time to get back on track and finish the year strong.

So what do you need to do if you’re not on track?

Reverse engineer your biz.

Ask yourself:

What is the big goal I want to accomplish by Dec 31? 1,000 people on my list, 100K in revenue, etc.

Take that big goal and break it down.

For example:

If you want to earn $30K in the next 3.5 months then that’s $8,571 per month. What do you need to sell to reach that? Then you make a decision on what you will sell – higher priced packages, lower priced digital products, or a combination.

After that… look at how much traffic you need to get to your sales pages in order to make that much. Think about conversion rates. If you get 100 people to your sales page and 3 people buy – that’s a 3% conversion rate. Factoring in a lower conversion rate will give you some wiggle room.

So 1000 people at a 10% conversion rate of a $247 program = $24,700

You are almost to your goal!

Okay, but how do you actually do this? You create a sales funnel. You give away something that is highly relevant and related to your paid offer and you get people on your email list.

How do you get people on your email list? You increase your visibility by networking in Facebook groups, hosting webinars, getting on Periscope or Facebook Livestream, and/or use paid advertising.

Once people are on your email list you send them on a journey that helps them with their problem and also leads them to your ultimate solution (your paid offer).

You just keep tweaking this funnel until it produces what you are looking for. That’s it.

So get this up and running in your biz so you can hit those big goals you have for this year!

If you need help, I have two ways I can help. First, I wrote down how I set up my automated email funnels. It’s a quick read with a lot of info to help you out. Get it here.

Second, if what I said above gives you a headache, then you might need to hire me to help you privately. Inside my private Master Your Marketing Funnel program, I will work with you every step of the way to plan out and execute the perfect funnel for your business. This option is a more expensive, but at least you know you’ll have it done and done correctly. Learn more here.

If you KNOW you are behind in your goals for the year, that’s okay. Just take action to get back on track.