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Rock Your Sales Funnel

funnelYou have likely heard about a sales funnel and that you should have one (or many) in your online business. For many new coaches sales funnels can be very confusing. There are many pieces involved and it can be frustrating getting it all set up.

I like to think of sales funnels as little engines that work for me to bring me in leads and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are set up to run on autopilot, which is one huge benefit. Who does want that, right!?

So What Exactly Is A Sales Funnel?

The sales process is often represented by a funnel, or to be more precise, a leaky funnel, which is wide at the top and narrows on the way down. Potential customers are directed through the sales process, or funnel, and less qualified purchasers are filtered out at each step. At the end of the sales process, or the bottom of the funnel, you’re left with a percentage of people that become your customers.

There are many variations of sales funnels, but here is an ideal flow of the potential customer:

Step 1: Prospect comes to your page and they sign up to get your irresistible free offer.

Step 2: They are taken to a “Thank You” page where they are presented with an offer.

Step 3: If they take the offer, they might be given another offer to upgrade.

Step 4: Customer and prospect (lead) both get emails from you.

Both the customer and the prospect are taken through a series of emails that will give them value and show them how they can get additional help from you (your products and/or services).

Sales Improvements

One of the big benefits of using these funnels in your business is that they are a great tool for determining where your sale process needs improvement.  By truly understanding your sales process, you can have more control over it. Complete success in sales means mastering each stage of the sales process. That is where we want to get.

Rock Your Sales Funnel

As said above, it can be really time consuming and frustrating trying to figure it all out by yourself. I’ve heard so many people talk about how the technology of it all has held them back. Well I don’t want you to waste any more time trying to figure it out by yourself.

Want to create an email sales funnel so you can make more money on autopilot?

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Does Your Lead Magnet (Freebie Offer) Suck?

lead magnet suckOne of the most powerful assets you can build in your online business is an email list. The quickest way to build your list is to offer a freebie – something so juicy it’s a complete no-brainer deal for your ideal customer to sign up for.

However, what you offer makes a BIG difference in the quantity and quality of your list. There are two major things you want your freebie to do.

  1. You want it to be something that your ideal client will find so valuable that they will not hesitate to grab it right away.
  2. The free offer should lead the prospect to your core product or service.

Let’s look at point #1.  You must create an irresistible free incentive or offer that your ideal client finds valuable – NOT what you find valuable.

This is critical to attracting the right people. Your free offer must be something that is useful to your ideal client so they sign up right away. It must speak to them. It should be so attractive to them that they have to get it.

It really doesn’t matter how you provide it – it can be a webinar, CD, worksheet, checklist, ebook, etc. Some work better than others and you find this out through testing. But all that really matters is that your incentive provides a solution to a problem they are having.

People LOVE instant gratification. Can you give them something that solves a problem quickly and instantly? Think: if they do this then that will happen type of solution. Play to the instant gratification factor. Checklists are working GREAT for me as a free incentive to join my list. But I also test other free offers (like the one you are reading now).

In order to create this type of incentive you have to deeply know what your ideal client desires.

Ask yourself: What is painful to her? What problem does she need solved right now? What products does she buy? What is her biggest frustration right now? What is blocking her from having ultimate success in a certain area?

If you already have a list then survey them, ask for feedback, get on Skype and talk to your ideal clients. Understand the underlying problems and frustrations. Go back to Facebook and do more digging.

Let’s look at point #2. There is no sense in setting up a free offer, driving traffic to it, and getting sign ups just for the fun of it.  You will not make money this way. Your juicy incentive should be directly connected to your main program or service. At the end of the freebie OR at the end of the follow up email messages your prospect should think that your program or service is the next logical step.

If you get both of these things right you’ll start building a quality email list that will help you earn more cash.

Here’s what you can do next….

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7 Ways To Crush Your Comfort Zone

The great philosopher and lifestyle coach T. Harv Ecker said, “Nobody ever died of discomfort, yet living in the name of comfort has killed more ideas, more opportunities, more actions, and more growth than everything else combined. Comfort kills!”

And none other than the famous American inventor Thomas Edison stated, “We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.”

Why is stepping outside of your comfort zone so important for achieving everything you want in life, and why is it so hard?

CRUSH (4)The level of risk in your life directly relates to your possible rewards, but human beings are actually hard-wired for comfort and low risk. Your comfort zone is defined as “a behavioral space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk.” But way back in 1908, psychologists John D. Dodson and Robert M. Yerkes noticed that relative comfort caps performance levels, with optimal performance and rewards only attained just outside of someone’s comfort zone.

Here 7 ways to crush your comfort zone:

1) Understand the Parameters of Your Personal Comfort Zone

Define the shape and size of your comfort zone, and then aim for taking action just outside. Your brain is supercharged when it is presented with situations it has not encountered before, or realities which it finds risky and new. This is where wonderful thoughts and ideas can be harnessed to put you on a direct path with your desired destiny.

2) Realize That Existing in Your Comfort Zone is Holding You Back

Countless scientific studies have shown that simply being content with current comfort slows down your brain wave activity, and actually will make you less aware of potentially life-changing positive opportunities. Mild discomfort causes action on your part, as your brain becomes more active and you begin to become more aware of your surroundings.

3) Never Be Scared to Make a Fool of Yourself

We much too often worry about what other people think. You want to know a big secret that few human beings ever comprehend? Only a very few people care about how you look, and whether you stumble or succeed. And the few friends and family members who do care about your well-being will always support you when you falter.

Think about the most magnetic and lovable individuals you have encountered. Almost certainly they were not meek, quiet people. Acting crazy and foolish from time to time could get you one step closer to those things that you desire the most.

AND again most people are not looking that closely anyway.

4) Face Your Fears

Everyone has had huge fears in their lives, but it is usually those tiny and subtle fears that keep you from achieving on a day-to-day basis. Just like the fear of making a fool of yourself, you may be scared of alienating friends and family, or you may stay inside because you are fearful that you could get stuck out in the rain.

Is it really worth worrying about circumstances and fears which have not even evidenced themselves? Work on conquering your small fears, and you will find yourself gaining confidence to battle and overcome your biggest fears.

5) Live in the “Now” Moments Life Offers

Planning is great, and is certainly required for any true success. But over-planning can sometimes keep you from living in the present moment. Embrace what is going on around you, keeping your eyes open for beauty, inspiration and challenges.

By living in the “Now” you spontaneously get your conscious brain working to adapting and enjoying events and circumstances that are presently unfolding, and are sometimes out of your control. Appreciate the present, because the past is gone, and your future is not guaranteed.

6) Ask Yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

And then answer yourself, being extremely honest. Human beings have taken control of the planet because of incredible survival instincts. One of those instincts is to avoid risk. Because of this, our brain often gets us to imagine that potential negative results from our actions are going to be cataclysmic.

But really, what is the worst that can happen if you fail at an endeavor? You should instead ask yourself what is the best that can happen if you step outside of your comfort zone.

 7) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

There are billions of people alive at this very moment. To even consider comparing yourself to anyone else, or to the achievements they have made, is incredibly limiting. You are a unique individual that is capable of incredible things. And when you stop comparing yourself to others, and begin to move outside of your comfort zone, you will be amazed at what you find is possible after you rid yourself of pointless and self-limiting comparisons.

Hopefully this will help you gain more confidence to step out of your comfort zone or completely crush it! Let me know what you are going to do to step out and do bigger things!

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3 Ways To Rock Your Freelance Business In 2015

#FREELANCETIPIt’s awesome to be in business for yourself except, of course, when you are feeling the pinch of low cashflow. To help you avoid eating Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner here are three quick things you can do to set yourself up for freelance success in 2015.

Tweak Your Service and/or Market

Have you become everything to everyone? Stop! It might not seem like it but it’s killing your sales. You can easily and quickly boost sales by getting really niche or hone in on very specific target market.

Don’t Stop Marketing

All is well when you have plenty of work. But what happens when the pipeline becomes dry? Besides freaking out you have to get out there and market. I say never stop marketing. Leads should be coming in all the time. I like to use Facebook Ads set on a low budget per day to bring in the leads without me thinking about it. But first, you have to have a system set up.

Create an irresistible lead magnet and sales funnel. Then your leads will filter through your autoresponder series effortlessly and when it’s time to make an offer you will have a targeted list to make one too.


This will help you with marketing. Team up with people who have a similar audience as you and create a joint venture of sorts. For example, if you are a web designer collaborate with a copywriter. This way you can give each other work as well as leads. That’s working smarter.

Bonus Tip: Never stop working on your own projects. Freelancers have a huge opportunity to teach their skills. This can lead to more passive income in 2015.

What will you do to rock your freelance biz in 2015? Let me know in the comments below.

New to Freelancing? Here are five Freelance business ideas (plus you can get 40 more at the bottom of the page).

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5 Freelance Business Ideas To Start Up

freelance servicesAre you looking to start up your own freelance business in 2015? Well there is NO better time than now! If set up correctly a freelance business is a GREAT way to earn cash doing what you love. Plus you get to help others and work your own schedule.

I recommend starting off with a niche service. What’s a niche service? It’s a small, focused service that you can provide to a targeted market. Instead of creating a huge boutique of services you instead focus on one important task that you can do extremely well. Of course, you can always add on services later. But for now just focus on ONE primary service and dominate.

Here are five niche service ideas to get you brainstorming.

Set Up Or Edit Amazon Product Listings or Create/Edit Etsy Listings

I know people who HATE setting up product listing for products sold on Amazon and Etsy. You can be their savior and do it for them!

Bookkeeping Service For Freelancers

Bookkeeping sucks for most freelancers! While there are many web based tools and apps to help nothing beats an expert in this area.

Billing Service For Entrepreneurs

I don’t recommend that freelancers get paid after they do the work (in most cases) BUT there are many freelancers that work this way. So this would be a great service to provide to small businesses who need their payments like yesterday.

Create And Schedule Content For Facebook Posts

If you love creating content this service will help many entrepreneur save time. Most businesses have a Facebook page and many of them are not updated on a regular basis which looks bad! You can step in and be the hero by curating content and keeping the page updated.

Teach Your Specialty on Udemy

Teaching is empowering people with the knowledge they need. What skills do you have that others want to know about? You can teach this skill on Udemy.

Want more ideas? I got 40 more here!