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Does Your Lead Magnet (Freebie Offer) Suck?

lead magnet suck One of the most powerful assets you can build in your online business is an email list. The quickest way to build your list is to offer a freebie – something so juicy it’s a complete no-brainer deal for your ideal customer to sign up for.

However, what you offer makes a BIG difference in the quantity and quality of your list. There are two major things you want your freebie to do.

  1. You want it to be something that your ideal client will find so valuable that they will not hesitate to grab it right away.
  2. The free offer should lead the prospect to your core product or service.

Let’s look at point #1.  You must create an irresistible free incentive or offer that your ideal client finds valuable – NOT what you find valuable.

This is critical to attracting the right people. Your free offer must be something that is useful to your ideal client so they sign up right away. It must speak to them. It should be so attractive to them that they have to get it.

It really doesn’t matter how you provide it – it can be a webinar, CD, worksheet, checklist, ebook, etc. Some work better than others and you find this out through testing. But all that really matters is that your incentive provides a solution to a problem they are having.

People LOVE instant gratification. Can you give them something that solves a problem quickly and instantly? Think: if they do this then that will happen type of solution. Play to the instant gratification factor. Checklists are working GREAT for me as a free incentive to join my list. But I also test other free offers (like the one you are reading now).

In order to create this type of incentive you have to deeply know what your ideal client desires.

Ask yourself: What is painful to her? What problem does she need solved right now? What products does she buy? What is her biggest frustration right now? What is blocking her from having ultimate success in a certain area?

If you already have a list then survey them, ask for feedback, get on Skype and talk to your ideal clients. Understand the underlying problems and frustrations. Go back to Facebook and do more digging.

Let’s look at point #2. There is no sense in setting up a free offer, driving traffic to it, and getting sign ups just for the fun of it.  You will not make money this way. Your juicy incentive should be directly connected to your main program or service. At the end of the freebie OR at the end of the follow up email messages your prospect should think that your program or service is the next logical step.

If you get both of these things right you’ll start building a quality email list that will help you earn more cash.

Here’s what you can do next….

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How To Increase Your Opt-In Rate

Persistence Email marketing has long been a great way to keep in touch with prospects and customers. Even though social media has taken the spotlight, email marketing is still useful in many ways and should be included in your marketing strategy.

Your opt-in rate (also known as conversion rate) tells you how well your visitors are taking action on your offer. It is just the number of visitors divided by the number of opt-ins. So if 100 people visited your offer and 25 people took you up on your offer then you have a 25% opt-in rate. The higher the opt-in rate the better.

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5 Ways To Get More Sign-Ups From Your Squeeze Page

sign A squeeze page acts like a little salesman selling your free offer for you if you set it up correctly. I can look into my stats and find that my squeeze page out-converts any other type of opt-in form. You are likely spending money to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page so it’s important to make sure you have the best squeeze page possible.

Here are five tips to help you get more signups from your squeeze page:

#1 Make Sure Your Headline Pops

It’s important that you are speaking your target market’s language. Your headline should appeal to your prospect’s emotions. It should speak directly to them. What problem are you solving for them? Let them know in one sentence.

#2 Keep It Short

A squeeze page should be quick and to the point. A simple yet effective squeeze page has a headline, benefits and call to action. All of this can be done in 300-400 words or less.

#3 Use Video

Video is a great tool to connect with your audience. People will be more open to signing up if they actually see and hear you speaking.

#4 Spam Free

Make sure you let them know that you will not spam them!

At the heart of every good squeeze page is simplicity and honesty. Add a privacy clause under the opt-in form. Being honest about what they’re signing up for will go a long way to making them feel more comfortable signing up.

#5 Give Them Something They Can Really Use

The fifth and most important element of the squeeze page is the actual offer. What are they getting and is it something they can really use? Will it help them? Is it something they really


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Email Marketing Roundup

Email Marketing Roundup Lately I’ve been really digging deep into email marketing and growing my lists. So it makes sense that I’ve come across some really helpful posts. I figured creating a list of some helpful articles could help you as well!

Ready to read and take action? Let’s go…

Email Marketing and List Building Tactics

I know there are a lot of other great email marketing posts out there. If you have one to share then let me know in the comments below!


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List Building 101 – Part 3 – Driving Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

List Building Once you have created your freebie offer and set up your simple system – now is the time to promote, promote, promote! So what can you do to get as many signups as possible?

First, always make sure that you are getting in front of your target market. Also, don’t just promote one day and never promote again. Consistency is key (trust me I’ve learned the hard way). Don’t forget that the more places you are found the better your chances are for more opt-ins. You are building leads and prospects so think about where you can reach your ideal customer.

Here are a few of my favorite tried and true ways for getting traffic to your squeeze page:

Forums – Participate in your industry forums. Buy ad spots if you can.

Solo Ads – Places like Safe-Swaps are great for getting leads.

Joint Ventures – Find a few people that have similar markets to you and ask if they will send out your freebie. This works best if you have a paid offer on the backend. It just depends on the offer (how much value you are giving away in your freebie) and the JV partner.

Social Media – Be social and spread the word (without spamming of course).

Social Ads – Depending on your offer you can place ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I love paid traffic because you can see results immediately. If you have a paid offer on the back end of your funnel then it can pay for itself.

Use Your Blog – Direct people from all pages of your blog to your squeeze page.

If you haven’t already, you should at this point be thinking about what type of paid product you can create. You don’t want to get people to sign up and then only give them information without making any sales, right? Afterall, you’re in business!

So the next step is to start or complete your paid product. You want to get it out to your list as soon as possible.

How do you drive traffic to your squeeze pages? Let me know in the comments below!