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Secret To Making Money Online?

As online business owners we are always looking to increase our sales and ultimately our profits. I used to think there was some secret to selling stuff online. But guess what? There’s not. This is what I’m learning…

The key to selling more online (and therefore making more money online) is to create MORE relevant offers and promote them more often.

Sounds pretty simple, huh? That’s because it is!  This applies to affiliate products as well as your own products. One great way to do this is to build a targeted email list. That way you can let them know about specific products and/or services that will HELP them (either yours or someone else’s). 

I’m really impressed by the results of some of my email promotions lately. And I can really only sum it up to building a targeted email list and sending out relevant offers. But I don’t just promote the offer once. I continue to promote it over time. This has increased my sales.

So today’s learning to thrive online tip…start building a targeted email list and promote relevant offers…more often.

To your success,

Lisa 😉

PS – Here’s a must read – Huge Profits With A Tiny List.