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Is Your Biz On Track?

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We celebrated my son’s 12th birthday yesterday. I never noticed time flying by as much as I do now-a-days being a mom. It’s crazysauce!

Speaking of time…we only have a few short months left of 2015. Remember those goals you set waaaay back in January? Are you on track?

If not, it’s time to get back on track and finish the year strong.

So what do you need to do if you’re not on track?

Reverse engineer your biz.

Ask yourself:

What is the big goal I want to accomplish by Dec 31? 1,000 people on my list, 100K in revenue, etc.

Take that big goal and break it down.

For example:

If you want to earn $30K in the next 3.5 months then that’s $8,571 per month. What do you need to sell to reach that? Then you make a decision on what you will sell – higher priced packages, lower priced digital products, or a combination.

After that… look at how much traffic you need to get to your sales pages in order to make that much. Think about conversion rates. If you get 100 people to your sales page and 3 people buy – that’s a 3% conversion rate. Factoring in a lower conversion rate will give you some wiggle room.

So 1000 people at a 10% conversion rate of a $247 program = $24,700

You are almost to your goal!

Okay, but how do you actually do this? You create a sales funnel. You give away something that is highly relevant and related to your paid offer and you get people on your email list.

How do you get people on your email list? You increase your visibility by networking in Facebook groups, hosting webinars, getting on Periscope or Facebook Livestream, and/or use paid advertising.

Once people are on your email list you send them on a journey that helps them with their problem and also leads them to your ultimate solution (your paid offer).

You just keep tweaking this funnel until it produces what you are looking for. That’s it.

So get this up and running in your biz so you can hit those big goals you have for this year!

If you need help, I have two ways I can help. First, I wrote down how I set up my automated email funnels. It’s a quick read with a lot of info to help you out. Get it here.

Second, if what I said above gives you a headache, then you might need to hire me to help you privately. Inside my private Master Your Marketing Funnel program, I will work with you every step of the way to plan out and execute the perfect funnel for your business. This option is a more expensive, but at least you know you’ll have it done and done correctly. Learn more here.

If you KNOW you are behind in your goals for the year, that’s okay. Just take action to get back on track.

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Rock Your Sales Funnel

funnelYou have likely heard about a sales funnel and that you should have one (or many) in your online business. For many new coaches sales funnels can be very confusing. There are many pieces involved and it can be frustrating getting it all set up.

I like to think of sales funnels as little engines that work for me to bring me in leads and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are set up to run on autopilot, which is one huge benefit. Who does want that, right!?

So What Exactly Is A Sales Funnel?

The sales process is often represented by a funnel, or to be more precise, a leaky funnel, which is wide at the top and narrows on the way down. Potential customers are directed through the sales process, or funnel, and less qualified purchasers are filtered out at each step. At the end of the sales process, or the bottom of the funnel, you’re left with a percentage of people that become your customers.

There are many variations of sales funnels, but here is an ideal flow of the potential customer:

Step 1: Prospect comes to your page and they sign up to get your irresistible free offer.

Step 2: They are taken to a “Thank You” page where they are presented with an offer.

Step 3: If they take the offer, they might be given another offer to upgrade.

Step 4: Customer and prospect (lead) both get emails from you.

Both the customer and the prospect are taken through a series of emails that will give them value and show them how they can get additional help from you (your products and/or services).

Sales Improvements

One of the big benefits of using these funnels in your business is that they are a great tool for determining where your sale process needs improvement.  By truly understanding your sales process, you can have more control over it. Complete success in sales means mastering each stage of the sales process. That is where we want to get.

Rock Your Sales Funnel

As said above, it can be really time consuming and frustrating trying to figure it all out by yourself. I’ve heard so many people talk about how the technology of it all has held them back. Well I don’t want you to waste any more time trying to figure it out by yourself.

Want to create an email sales funnel so you can make more money on autopilot?

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Brainstorming Recurring Income (a.k.a Membership Sites) + My Experience

Recurring (1)We all go through ups and downs in business and boy have I had my fair share of ups and downs over the past several years! One thing I miss very much in my biz is having recurring income. I’ve run my business with and without it and I can say for certain now that while there are many pros and cons to membership sites I totally vote for having it in my biz.

Recurring income helps stabilize your business in a way selling one off products or services just cannot do. If you want a little more stability in your biz then read on below to brainstorm ways you can make it happen.

fm2015 will find me creating more recurring income and I’m happy to report that I’ve already started (why wait right?)! I launched Content For Moms this week and also launched the first content club called Fitness For Moms. If you want to create recurring income then here is what I did to get the ball rolling and what you can do to get started:

Step 1: Take a look at what you are doing now and see if there is anything you can do on a monthly basis.  In my case, I already provide PLR content at PLRalacarte so it makes sense that I could create content on a monthly  basis (plus I’ve done it before and know others that do it successfully as well).

Next, take a look at your market and see what people buy on a regular basis. This can give you a big hint as to what you could create.

Also take a look outside of your market and see what others are doing. Think about how you can differentiate yourself. What you can you do better or differently than others? How can you give your customers more value. In my example, there are other people who have health and fitness related content clubs so one way I differentiated myself is to simply create fitness content geared towards moms.

Check out my post on four different types of membership ideas so you can see what type of membership you can come up with.

Action Step: Decide what type of membership you could provide, who you will target with your membership and how you will differentiate yourself from others.

Step 2: Setting up your membership site. This can be as hard or easy as you make it. For me I was looking for a simple and fast set up. So I chose to use an affiliate platform called I have to set up the sales, upsell and download pages and add their button to my pages. I then can have my affiliates sign up and promote my membership for INSTANT commissions. I love this because I don’t have to bother with paying out affiliates each month. Instead at the time of the sale I get paid and so do they.

The only downfall to using JVZoo instead of using a membership plugin is that it is not as secured if you are using the sales funnel option. With membership plugins, members have to log in to access certain pages. I mostly went this route in the beginning because of the affiliate option which you may or may not care about. In the PLR world, affiliates are very important to business success. But if you do not care about having affiliates promote your membership right away then the easiest way to get started is to set up a WordPress site with an membership plugin like WishList or one of my favorites aMember.

Action Step: Set up your sales page, upsell, download, and affiliate pages (amongst all the other important pages).

Step 3: What will your price be? This really depends on a lot of factors. Don’t get stuck here…just pick a price or give 3 different options and go from there. You can always test out different prices.

Action Step: Decide on your pricing and get on with it!

Step 4: Launch it. Let everyone know about it. This is something you have to continue to do so don’t just promote it for a day and then quit.

Action Step: Promote, promote, promote!

Now that I have my first content club all set up and launched I just have to focus on creating content and getting more members – and of course launching my next content club! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

So let me know..are you going to set up a membership site in 2015? Let me know what questions you have about this topic!

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An Interview With Ruth Pound On Kindle Publishing

I’m excited to share more insights with you from a friend and fellow product creator – Ruth Pound. Ruth has quite a success story in that she is able to make a living completely online AND travel at the same time (she is currently traveling all over Southeast Asia).

Ruth started making money online by writing in 2008 and has since grown to become an editor, service provider, website developer, blogger, affiliate marketer, PLR provider and, most importantly, she is her own boss! You can find out more about her at The Internet Dream. Her latest project is a Kindle book series. Check out her answers to my questions below! I think we can all learn a lot!

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Write Once And Get Paid Over and Over?

There are so many ways to make money online. Some will earn you a few dollars and others can buy you a yacht and maybe even a small island. Personally, I’ll take the middle road. I don’t care about being rich but I DO care about being poor!

I’ve done a lot of different things to make money online. It took a long time for me to figure out how to actually make enough money to support my family. The reason I think it took so long was because I was trying to find something that fits me. I want to enjoy what I do online and I want to help others. So when I stumbled across selling PLR content it was the perfect fit for me and my background.

I was already freelance writing and providing services so to find out that I could create content and sell it over and over was an amazing lightbulb moment! I had always been interested in product creation but I just didn’t know what to create. So PLR was the perfect solution at the time.

Selling PLR content took me from making a few hundred dollars a month to several thousands each month! It has been an exciting journey to say the least. For years I was so frustrated and felt like nothing was ever going to work out.

Now it’s time for me to help others build a nice cushy PLR business!

So today I launch my new product PLR Business Training!

Follow those links above to get started making money online selling PLR content!