How To Get More Online Course or Program Sales

1 So you’ve created and launched your online course, but you’re not seeing the type of sales that you thought you would. I totally know how that feels. It can be really deflating!

But don’t despair!

There are a few tweaks you can make to increase your sales.

Here are five questions to ask yourself plus action steps to take…

1. Does your course solve a problem? First, you might have to go back and tweak your course to make sure it’s what your ideal customers want.

After taking the course does your customer get a result they can
put their finger on. If it just makes them feel good then you might have a problem on your hands.

Action Step: Be sure you are solving a real problem that your ideal customer wants to pay to get rid of. If necessary, tweak your course by turning it into a How To (step by step) course.

2. Have you built enough trust into the sales process?

Trust is so important in business and even more so online. People have to know who you are, how you can help them, and they have to feel confident that you CAN help them. They need to trust you.

The BEST way I know how to do this (quickly) is to create a webinar to help you sell your course.

Action Step: How can you establish more credibility?

3. Are you communicating clearly enough on your sales page?

Your sales page should clearly communicate the value your course or program has. It should answer any objections your ideal student may have. Always use words that your ideal student would use and not technical jargon.

Investigate: Do you have these necessary sales page elements?

  • Strong headline that captures attention (sub-headline?)
  • Benefits NOT features of the course/program
  • Awesome Testimonials
  • Who you are (and why they should pay attention)

4. Do you have enough traffic coming to your sales page?

Traffic is the life-line of your online business. You must have a good and reliable source of getting targeted traffic to all of your offers. Where is your traffic coming from?  Find something that works for you and stick with it. I love and use paid advertising like Facebook Ads because it’s an easy way to get targeted traffic.

Visitors * Conversion Rate = Sales

Have you ever thought like Janie before? Janie launches her course over the period of a week and is bummed that she only gets 3 sales. She wonders why. After looking at her traffic stats it shows only 50 people have visited her sale page. She did above the industry average and a great job! Pay attention to your numbers. Getting sales is a numbers game. If you want to make 100 sales and your conversion rate is 3% then you need to get around 3400 people to visit your sales page! Note: if you have a great offer and targeted traffic you will get a much higher conversion rate and will not need as much traffic.

Action Step: Find out how you can get more traffic to your sales page.

5. Are you following up consistently with prospects?

The SALE is in the follow up. You must have a way to follow up with your prospects. This means that you should be building your list so you can easily follow up with people who are interested in your course or program.

Make sure you send people to a freebie so you can capture the lead. From there you can follow up with them.

Action Step: Take a good look at your follow up plan. Would you buy from you?

An email follow up plan example:

Email 1: Let’s them know where they can get their freebie.
Email 2: Check in to see if they have any question (add story or valuable info)
Email 3: Tell a story relating to your course (sales email)
Email 4: How your course has helped someone + special offer
Email 5: Address any objections
Email 6: Last chance to grab special offer

There you have it! Five things you can go tweak right now so you can bring in more sales! You can download the PDF so you remember the steps here!


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