Do This Before You Launch Your Online Course

Don't Let This Happen To YouSo you decided to create an online course…Congrats! It’s exciting to create something that can impact many people and give you a nice income boost.

WhatToday I wanted to give you some info that will help you prior to launching your course/program/service. Because after launching you don’t want to look like the chick in the photo!

I want to see you successful right away and this will help you!

I’ve learned that there are three major things you should be doing prior to launching your course (you can’t hide out and create your course and then expect to have lots of people buying your course).

Here are 3 Simple Steps To Avoid An Online Course Launch Disaster

1. Build your list first! You want to create a marketplace for your new course. Set up a new email list just for those who are interested in your course topic and giveaway something that will help them get started on your topic now while they wait for your course. Build your list and be in touch with them every few days while you are creating your course. Let them know of your plans to launch and when you will launch. Keep them interested!

2. Create a free Facebook group where they can interact with you and others prior to the launch of your course.  This will help you position yourself as an expert and give your prospects another way to interact with you. Facebook groups can be a lot of work, but in my experience having your own group is key to getting more sales in general!

3. Create a video or blog post that is related to the topic of your course/program. Again this will help prime people and get them ready for your course/program. You can also test your course idea out this way. Pay attention to the feedback and comments you get!

RUN Facebook ads to build your list, FB group, and to your blog or vlog post. Do these thing prior to launching your course and you’ll see more success. Pinky swear!

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.