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How Do I Scale My Facebook Ads Quickly?

So you wanna scale your ad campaign fast – like you want to go from spending $20 a day to $200 a day for your course launch. You’ve heard that if you just increase your budget from $20 to $200 in one day you’ll mess with Facebook’s algorithm and your results will suck (like you were getting $2 leads and now you’re getting $100 leads).

And you heard right.

So what do you do?

Here’s a super fast way to scale up for those who already have a winning ad and know their audiences.

Take the social proof ad (the winning ad – the one that’s performing the best) and choose 10 audiences you pretty much know will convert (because you’ve tested them before).

Duplicate the Ad Set 10 times with 10 different audiences and set each Ad Set to $20 a day.

Boom – you’re now spending $200 a day.

Monitor the results and change audiences as necessary.

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New Dynamic Testing For Facebook Ads

You probably already know that testing is an important part of running effective Facebook ads. You typically need to test copy, creatives, audiences. Up until recently the way this was usually done was to create multiple creatives under an ad set and then duplicate ad sets (unless you use a platform like Ad Espresso – which is not without issues either). This made for a very messy Ads Manager!

But the bigger problem with this is that Facebook usually doesn’t split the reach between the ads evenly so it really never seems like an actual test. What ends up happening is Facebook favors one ad from the start and all the reach goes to that one ad. Hmm…doesn’t seem right huh?

The good news here is that Facebook created a new tool right inside the Ads Manager called Dynamic Testing. Facebook will test multiple variations without you having to set up different ads. Hopefully this will make testing easier from right inside where you set up the ads. Here’s how to set it up!

Create a new campaign

Under Ad Set, you’ll find Dynamic Testing – just flip it on

Next after you set up the Ad Set part, go to Ads and you’ll see where you can add different things to test:

You can add as many different Text, Headline, News Feed Link Descriptions, or Call to Actions you want and Facebook will test for you.


And it will only show up as one ad. Pretty cool right?

So how to you find out what’s working? Just navigate to the Breakdown section inside your Ads Manager:

Pull down this section and find By Dynamic Creative Asset and choose what you want to look at.


Let me know how it goes for you!

PS – Have you downloaded The Social Proof Ad method and started using it yet?

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How To Install The Facebook Pixel (+ In ClickFunnels)

One of the biggest issues I see with my clients when they first come to me is that they do not have their Facebook pixel tracking set up correctly.

In fact, just the other day I helped someone completely turn around their ad campaign and all the problems were coming from one thing – the pixel being installed incorrectly!

If you don’t have your tracking installed or set up correctly – you are advertising blindly AND wasting money! EEKKK!

We sooo don’t want that right?

In this post, I wanted to make sure you have your Facebook pixel(s) installed correctly from the beginning.

Understanding The Facebook Pixel

What is the Facebook pixel and why do you need it?

The pixel tracks traffic to your site so you can group these people into different audiences (Custom Audiences) and send them ads. It doesn’t matter where your traffic comes from the pixel will still track the traffic. Woohoo!

It is also the way you track conversions from your ads. This is especially important if you are running ads to build your list. If you don’t set it up correctly you’ll never really know if your ads are working or not.

How To Set Up The Facebook Pixel In WordPress

There are TWO parts to the pixel: a base code and event code

If you want to install the pixel on a WordPress site, all you have to do is find a plugin like PixelYourSite and follow the directions. This only has to be done ONE time.

It’s not until you want to track events that it can get a little confusing. You just have to put an extra piece of code into a Thank You page.

Installing it is NOT that hard. Follow the video and the guide below…

***To make sure you have your pixel installed correctly, search Google for Facebook Pixel Help Chrome Extension and install it.***


Go to Ads Manager -> Pixels

Choose Set Up Pixel or (Details and then press Set Up – if you already created the pixel)

Choose Manually Install Pixel Code

Installing It In ClickFunnels

Click on the code under #2. Open up Clickfunnels and navigate to your landing page. Click edit and then paste the code under Integrations under the header section.

Next, go back to the Thank You page and do the same thing.

Finally, go back to your Ad Manager and press Continue…

This is the extra step you need to do to track an Event. Copy the event code you want (ex. Lead) and paste it under the other code on your Thank You page.

Tracking Purchases

Now, if you want to track purchases, then you do the same thing above BUT click the Event Purchase  and add that code to the bottom of the base code.

You place the whole code into the page a customer visits right after they purchase. You can also change the value to how much your service/product is and the currency if it’s not USD.

Now after you’ve run your campaign for a bit, you should start seeing info in the Ads Manager under the EVENTS section.


You can also customize your columns inside the Ads Manager under Reporting find this info too.

Facebook says….

The key here is that every page of your website should have everything that’s enclosed in section 2 (the base code), but different pages will have different snippets of code for section 3 (standard event code).

Learn more here:

That’s it! Now that wasn’t too hard was it? Questions? Let me know below.




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4 Things You Need In Place Before You Spend Your First Dollar On Facebook Ads

Are you ready to start running Facebook ads? I mean really ready?

Facebook ads are so easy to start using, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to be handing over those Benjamin’s.  I run many different Facebook ads for my clients and it’s allowed me to see what works and what doesn’t when. And my most successful clients’ have a few things in place before they even started running ads.

Here are four things you need to know  or have in place before you start running Facebook ads.

#1: KNOW your ideal client/customer. Like really, really know what she struggles with and how she communicates that struggle (so you can speak to her in her own language). KNOW what keeps her awake at night or what makes her super excited. Understand and know how to help her with her problem.

#2: A really, really good freebie offer. Your free offer MUST speak to that one person. It has to be so good (to her) that she will grab it in a heartbeat. Creating both your free and paid offers requires you to understand your ideal client deeply.  Your free offer is what introduces you to her. It needs to be solving a problem that she is having right now. It can take some trial and error to get the right freebie offer. So it’s important to test.

#3: You must have an offer that sells. There is no point in running ads and spending money when you don’t even have a proven offer out there. Prove out your offer before you put money into it – especially if you are a new coach, course creator or biz owner.  Does your offer sell? Great!

#4: You must have a follow-up plan (email funnel) or a purpose that goes beyond getting them to sign up or getting them to your website. I’ve made this mistake so many times before. I get people on my list for one purpose but don’t follow up with them. They might go through a short email series but then nothing. That’s a total waste of money. Make sure you think through your funnel or follow up plan.

What do you think? Are you ready?

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How To Create A Slideshow Video For Facebook Ads

create a video slideshow for facebook ads

Don’t have a budget for a professional video? Don’t have the skill or time to create and edit your own videos on an iPhone or with iMovie?

No problem. You can still take advantage of the super low cost video ads on Facebook with Facebook’s slideshow feature right inside the power editor!

All you need is 7 images…