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How To Install The Facebook Pixel (+ In ClickFunnels)

One of the biggest issues I see with my clients when they first come to me is that they do not have their Facebook pixel tracking set up correctly.

In fact, just the other day I helped someone completely turn around their ad campaign and all the problems were coming from one thing – the pixel being installed incorrectly!

If you don’t have your tracking installed or set up correctly – you are advertising blindly AND wasting money! EEKKK!

We sooo don’t want that right?

In this post, I wanted to make sure you have your Facebook pixel(s) installed correctly from the beginning.

Understanding The Facebook Pixel

What is the Facebook pixel and why do you need it?

The pixel tracks traffic to your site so you can group these people into different audiences (Custom Audiences) and send them ads. It doesn’t matter where your traffic comes from the pixel will still track the traffic. Woohoo!

It is also the way you track conversions from your ads. This is especially important if you are running ads to build your list. If you don’t set it up correctly you’ll never really know if your ads are working or not.

How To Set Up The Facebook Pixel In WordPress

There are TWO parts to the pixel: a base code and event code

If you want to install the pixel on a WordPress site, all you have to do is find a plugin like PixelYourSite and follow the directions. This only has to be done ONE time.

It’s not until you want to track events that it can get a little confusing. You just have to put an extra piece of code into a Thank You page.

Installing it is NOT that hard. Follow the video and the guide below…

***To make sure you have your pixel installed correctly, search Google for Facebook Pixel Help Chrome Extension and install it.***


Go to Ads Manager -> Pixels

Choose Set Up Pixel or (Details and then press Set Up – if you already created the pixel)

Choose Manually Install Pixel Code

Installing It In ClickFunnels

Click on the code under #2. Open up Clickfunnels and navigate to your landing page. Click edit and then paste the code under Integrations under the header section.

Next, go back to the Thank You page and do the same thing.

Finally, go back to your Ad Manager and press Continue…

This is the extra step you need to do to track an Event. Copy the event code you want (ex. Lead) and paste it under the other code on your Thank You page.

Tracking Purchases

Now, if you want to track purchases, then you do the same thing above BUT click the Event Purchase  and add that code to the bottom of the base code.

You place the whole code into the page a customer visits right after they purchase. You can also change the value to how much your service/product is and the currency if it’s not USD.

Now after you’ve run your campaign for a bit, you should start seeing info in the Ads Manager under the EVENTS section.


You can also customize your columns inside the Ads Manager under Reporting find this info too.

Facebook says….

The key here is that every page of your website should have everything that’s enclosed in section 2 (the base code), but different pages will have different snippets of code for section 3 (standard event code).

Learn more here:

That’s it! Now that wasn’t too hard was it? Questions? Let me know below.




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