Do You Outsource?

Outsourcing can be an overwhelming and intimidating thing to start doing. Sometimes you don’t outsource because you don’t want to give up the control in your business. Or maybe you find it difficult to figure out what you should outsource. Either way outsourcing can really help you grow your business and clear your mind.

I’ve written before about my experiences with outsourcing, but when I feel overwhelmed the best thing I know to do to clear my mind is to give some of that work to someone else! It also keeps me motivated and keeps me moving in the right direction!

So I recommend outsourcing as soon as your budget allows. You can find good workers at a lower price on oDesk. This is my favorite place to find workers. oDesk is very easy to navigate. It’s also very busy so you will get a ton of applicants right away.

Yesterday I recorded a webinar where I discussed outsourcing in your business. You can catch the replay here!

What about you? Do you outsource? What types of things do you outsource? If you don’t, why not? Let me know below!!

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3 replies on “Do You Outsource?”

Just hired my first outsource person at Odesk last week. So far he’s working out great. Was a bit unsure of the process when I first went there… interviews, prices, etc. but the ones I spoke to have been great!

And what’s funny is that I’d planned on outsourcing specific tasks, but when the guy told me what he had done in the past, I ended up doing something a bit different that has worked out better than my original idea would have. 🙂
Debi J recently posted..Outsourcing, Squid Pro Quo and SquidCrafter (a New Squidoo PlugIn)… I’m SO Excited!

YAY Debi! What is he doing for you?

He’s doing the product side of my SPQ Lenses. I do the research for keywords and set up the layout on the lens. He’s adding the products and prettying up the outlines. Then I’m adding the content. We’re a bit behind where I expected but that’s because of the Squidoo changes…we’re backtracking to fix the ones we’ve already done.
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