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What’s Your Motivation? (I’m Pregnant!)

Okay, so lately I’ve been thinking about active income vs. passive income. I think some where along the way I’ve got suckered into thinking too much about words like EASY, QUICK, FAST, AUTOPILOT.  Even though if you’d ask me I’d say there’s no easy quick money.

While I want to work SMARTER and not HARDER this doesn’t mean quick fast riches, overnight successes, or no active work. In fact it rarely does. There are hundreds of different ways to make money online from home. And that is the problem for people like me who see the potential in everything but do not stick with anything to actually see the end result.

That being said, I’m really frustrated with myself. Which led me to think about what do I really want?

What is my motivation? What am I doing this for? I thought I knew the answers. I thought I was doing this for my family, for freedom. But sometimes my actions do not line up with my goals.

What is it that I really want to accomplish?

I want to feel passionate about what I’m doing! I want to make a difference in someone’s life! I want to wake up every day and feel excited about my work!

The problem is I don’t have a crystal clear idea of what type of work I want to be spending my time on. I get confused between building an authority and influential site, building niche blogs, and growing my service based biz.

Long ago I wanted to build a community of fit moms (website for exercise and healthy living for moms who are expecting or who just had a baby). I started and stopped the project many time because I continue to be distracted between different ways of making money.

Back in early 2007, I wanted to start a blog to help moms and dads who wanted to work from home find fulfilling work or start a home based business.  I’ve also been wanting to put up a freelance site to build a community of like minded people. UGH!

Some where along the way my passion for these two things just fizzled out as I worked so hard just to ‘make money online’.  It seems my motivation is directly tied to seeing results (results being money). If I don’t see results quick enough I lose interest. This is because I need money to pay off debt and get my life where I want it.

I feel like I need to focus on one thing at a time because my time is so limited. I feel like I need to put my heart and soul into something that means something!

Oh and I’m pregnant! Maybe it’s my hormones (I doubt it since I’ve thought about this MANY times before). BTW, isn’t that the best picture?? The little one is ONLY 12 weeks (11 wks in this pic). THAT is AMAZING!

One thing is for sure and that is I KNOW I want to make my living online. I love everything about the Internet. Plus this is baby number 3 (due in August) and I really want the flexibility of working online from home.

I know I’m not going to get any where switching up my plans every other day.  And I do admit I have a problem with not seeing results right away. I’m sure that comes from running WSO’s and getting Paypal cash from services!! Now that can be addicting!

I do enjoy providing services even if they are time consuming or active income. At least someone is benefiting from it.

All that being said, I might need to get back to active work for a while. Maybe create my own company (wait I already have one)!  Well, take my content/writing/PLR business business farther. And continue to outsource backlinks to my Amazon reviews while I’m doing the active work.

What do you do to stay motivated with the business model you have picked?