Creating a Niche Service – Part 2

Today I’m sharing part two of the series Creating a Niche Service. If you missed what this is all about then check out part 1 here!

So the last couple of days I have been a brainstorming freak and my brain hurts! [Tweet “The more you brainstorm the more ideas you get!”]

I was thinking about how I get great results with the freebies I create to build my list and how I could turn that into a service. And then one thought led to another and another…

But then I remembered this niche service must be SIMPLE. It’s a niche service so it is very ONE TASK(ish) oriented. So in keeping it simple and thinking about freebie offers I came up with this particular idea.

Why send out boring, ugly Word-doc-turned-PDF when you can send beautiful, fun, inspiring PDFs instead? Why not make it match the look and feel of your brand? Then the light bulb went off – I could create Pretty PDFs for people/businesses who care about the details.

Check out  Pretty PDF (still a work in progress)! pplogo

Here is what I have done so far:

Define Ideal Client

prettyFirst I started thinking about the type of people that would want it. I started weeding out groups of people like internet marketers who would most likely not use this service or if they did they would go to Fiverr. People who opt to go to Fiverr first are not my ideal client for this service.

I had to define my ideal client.

My first thought is heart based, passionate solopreneurs would use it. Women in particular who run businesses where they care deeply about branding and how things look and feel. They care about the customer/client experience. Women who follow Marie Forleo and Melanie Duncan are likely my ideal clients.

I began to observe various groups I’m involved in. I asked questions that were based around what I pdfwas looking for – but not exactly just to see people’s reactions. And I found out that people do in fact thing that their PDF files should be pretty.

In one post I had almost 30 people respond saying they should be pretty.

So if people think they should be pretty then there are two options: they do it themselves or they outsource it. Now I want to find the people who rather outsource it but also avoid those that want it done super cheap. This leads me to pricing.


How do you price your services so you actually make money? This can be tough. With all of the outsourcing sites like Fiverr around we have some serious competition. But then it does come back to who your ideal client is. There are SO many people/business that still charge hundreds of dollars for their services. Do NOT be fooled into thinking that everyone uses sites like Fiverr.

It can be tempting to price low. But when everyone starts pricing low in an industry it actually brings everyone down and the little guy/gal gets stomped out by the big guys. So I don’t recommend doing that. Your price should be based on a mix of things – what you need to pay your bills, what the market in general will pay, and what others are charging. Find the right mix for you. But don’t go so low that you can’t pay your bills! I’ve seen it done before and it’s not pretty.

I came up with numbers that were good for me for now – that doesn’t mean I won’t change them. I also feel people like options so I gave three different pricing options based on quantity. Try pricing options and see if that works for you.

Setup Basic Site

After playing pricing wars with myself I got the domain name and set up the WordPress site with a Studiopress theme – Parallax Pro. I also created my PayPal buttons to collect payments for now (I might change later).

I also added the following pages to start with:

  • FAQs
  • Contact
  • About (not done yet)
  • Examples  (not done yet)
  • Testimonials (not done yet)
  • Add Popup Ally to collect emails (on to do list)

The best way to start getting work is to highlight work you’ve done for someone else. You can quickly and easily do this by working for free or half the price for a couple of clients. Just make sure they are ideal clients so you can get a feel of your process and make sure things run smoothly AND you can find others like them by highlighting the work you did for them.

Launch It

Once you have everything set up and ready to go you can launch your service to the world. Oh and you don’t have to wait to launch either. You can start looking for clients as you are putting everything together – I am. :)

Stay tuned to part 3 where I will share what happens as I launch and find clients to work with!

Remember to keep everything as simple as possible.

How is your niche service coming along? Did you set up a sales page?  Are you taking orders already?

Creating a Niche Service – Part 1

niche service lisa stoops I love experimenting and bringing in new income! So I’ve decided to create a new niche service. If you want to follow my progress sign up here (you’ll also get 40 niche service ideas you can start today)!

Step 1: Brainstorming Niche Ideas (And My Thought Process)

The first step is to think about what I can do that will fill a need, help my market, bring in cash, and will not be crazy time consuming. Finding a nice balance between a need and non time consuming task is key for me. The simpler the better! However, there is always outsourcing if the service gets to be a little much.

The best way to brainstorm is to think about what you are doing right now. Think about what you do and how you do it. Is there something you do repetitively that others need to do too? Knowing who you are serving is important to know as well. Here are some questions I’m asking myself:

  • What type work do I do day in and day out?
  • What do you teach?
  • What do I love doing that others hate doing
  • What am I really fast and good at?
  • What have I done in the past?
  • I also like to think ahead. What could I provide that might generate recurring revenue?
  • Who would the service be for?

Any services I create will be for solopreneurs – those who are in business for themselves and are looking for help.

Let’s see I love setting up sales funnels, systems, creating lead magnets, creating content (I run, building my list with Facebook Ads…

The first thing that comes to mind is to set up a new PLR membership site (specific content delivered every month). Since I’ve successfully done that before I want to do something completely new for this experiment.

Idea #1

One thing I could do is provide a lead magnet service using LeadPages. I could offer to set up a squeeze page and thank you page up to 2-3 per month. One time set up fee and then a low monthly fee to maintain it. It would cost less than buying LeadPages yourself and you don’t have to worry when it comes to getting a freebie offer – just let me know and I’ll set it up for you. That would be helpful for those who can’t stand setting up the front part of the sales funnel. I could even add on services in the future plus recurring income.

Idea #2

Another idea I like is offering a Lead Magnet service. I’ll create your freebie offer for you. I’ve had some really good success with several freebie offers.

Finding Out If There Is Demand

I like both ideas. It saves people time and will help them in their business.But first I need to do a little digging to see if people want a service like this. In order to be successful with your niche service you must have demand.

I really don’t care to ask people because I’ve learned that people say one thing and usually do another. I almost feel at this point the best thing to do is to create the sales page and start promoting it to see if I get any buyers lol.

I actually might just do that. In my next post I’ll reveal what happens! Stay tuned…

In the meantime, are you going to set up your own niche service? Brainstorm with me in the comments below!

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5 Lessons Learned In My Online Business Journey

LESSONS LEARNED I’m one of those people who likes variety. I like to work on a couple of different projects and I am HIGHLY curious about many different ways to build business. For an online business this can be a good thing but it can also be a very bad thing. If you are not careful you can easily spin your wheels, get nothing done, and burn yourself out without anything really to show for your efforts.

Since 2008 I’ve done a huge variety of things to earn a living online. Here are my biggest lessons learned so far.

1. KNOW YOURSELF. OMG! This is a BIG lesson learned. You have to understand you. You MUST understand what skills you have to offer, what you truly enjoy doing, what you do not like doing, and how you can best serve others. REALLY know you because only then will you work in your zone of genius and your work will be fulfilling.

2. FOCUS on ONE income stream at a time. I’m sure you’ve heard that diversity is key to success in your biz before. And while it is a key to success it can also be a BIG hindrance. In order to build something with substance (and that earns you a good income) you must focus on ONE way first. Only after you have a good stream of income coming in should you diversify.

3. Your income CAN dry up. Oh yeah you don’t have it made just because you started making an income doing XYZ. You have to be consistent in some form of marketing or your stream of income will try up. Don’t get caught up in the hype…there is always work to do. Luckily there are smarter ways to work.

4. Get help sooner. The way I see it you need support in three different ways. You need a coach/mentor for times when you feel a little lost or unsure of your next move. You also need to build a team to support your business (i.e. a virtual assistant, project manager, or other types of help you can outsource). The third type of support is having business partners that support you (and you support them) through an affiliate program.

5. It’s okay to change directions. This comes back to not really understand you or want you want out of a business. If you don’t feel fulfilled then by all means change up what you are doing. It’s okay…we are all on a journey.

6.BONUS. If you need cash NOW then provide a niche service. This is what helped me get through some rough patches in my online business journey!

What lessons have you learned along the way on your journey in business? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Is Private Label Rights Content Dead?

I was inspired to write this post today by a question I received. The question was in regards to starting up a PLR business but the person thought that people had stopped using PLR. So the question I’m posing is –  is private label rights content dead?

The short answer is NO! Not in the least. People are still using PLR and people are still creating it (hand up)!

The problem I see is that (and I will never really understand all of the ‘weirdness’ that is displayed regarding this topic) some people LOVE PLR and some people HATE it and will never cease to bash it (probably because they do NOT understand it). BUT there are MANY people who do not even know it EXISTS!!

I run into people each week that have never heard of it before. In one of my groups recently I got this message:

is plr dead

It’s posts like this that gets me fired up to spread the message far and wide. I personally know so many people who create awesome PLR content and that have thriving businesses. And it’s been a very good business to me over the years as well even if I have solely focused on it.

So what is PLR exactly and why is it not dead?

Because PLR seems to carry a bad name (in a weird ugly step child kinda way), I’ve decided to start calling it Licensed Content. THAT is essentially what it is. The buyer is buying content through a license. The license allows you to use it as is permitted.

There are many people out there who need to produce quality content for their audience on a regular basis. They basically have three options. Pay for a ghostwriter to produce unique content, do it themselves, or use Licensed Content. The first two take time and money. An alternative solution is to use Licensed Content that is already written on a topic you need and tweak it a bit to suit your needs. Ideally it costs less than outsourcing and you will spend less time putting it together because the bones are already there (you are not starting from scratch).

A similar practice happens in other industries…a company buys products at a lower cost and is allowed to put their branding and messaging on the product (look at store brand products like the UP brand by Target). We also do something similar in our candle company – we sell our candles to another company who then puts their labels on the candles and sells them as their own product.

The bottom line?

I’ve sold PLR content or what I’m now calling License Content every single month for the past four years! If it wasn’t in demand, I wouldn’t be able to sell it. Besides that I’m not the only one selling it so there is still a market for it. AND that shows that there are people who DO get it!

Want to learn more about how to create and sell Licensed Content? Click here!

Let me know your thoughts about this type of content. Do you use it? Do you sell it? Let me know!


How To Create Free Webinars With Google Hangouts On Air

Hangout-on-air-600x312 Are you wanting to do webinars in your business, but not sure about spending a bunch of money on software? You can use Google Hangouts On Air to see if doing webinars is the right move for your business.

While there are analytics and instant page perks with paid software like WebinarJam or WebinarIgnition, Hangouts On Air can be a really great place to start.

Here are the steps:
Step 1: Pick a date and time for your webinar

Step 2. Set up your squeeze page/opt-in page and thank you page

Step 3: Create your webinar page (this is where people will view your webinar)

Step 4: Create your autoresponder messages

• Welcome and what they can expect on the webinar (leave the link to the webinar page)
• Reminder that webinar is tomorrow (leave the link to the webinar page)
• Reminder that webinar is today or in an hour (leave the link to the webinar page)
• Thank you for attending the webinar (here is the replay link)
• Reminder about the offer that you are promoting

Step 5: Place opt-in form on the squeeze page

Step 6: Start promoting webinar

Step 7: Create an event in Google (Google Hangout On Air session)

Step 8: Embed the URL into the webinar page

Step 9: At the time of event – hit the blue Start button

Step 10: Hit green Start Broadcast button (hit stop broadcast when you end)

It’s automatically recorded so you never have to worry about forgetting to turn the recording on.

I would love to know your experiences with webinars! Let know me in the comments below!