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When Is Your Biz Ready For Facebook Ads?

Not long ago I heard someone say that they thought they weren’t making enough money yet to invest in Facebook ads. A few months later this same person said she still wasn’t making enough to invest in Facebook ads.

Here is the problem with that.

Her business wasn’t growing, it was stagnant. Why? Because she wasn’t getting enough traffic to her offers. She wasn’t growing her email list.

But she kept saying she wasn’t ready to invest in Facebook ads.

When would she or her biz ever be ready?

Sometimes the thought of spending money to make money is scary. BUT in my experience it is necessary.

So when exactly is your biz ready for Facebook ads?

Your biz is ready for Facebook ads When 1.) you KNOW exactly who you are targeting and 2.) you have an excellent (proven) offer.

You don’t have to break the bank to start using Facebook ads. You can get in front of fresh eyes and grow your email list for $5-10 a day. 

What about you…are you and your biz ready for Facebook ads?

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.

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