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What Can A Box Of Cheerios Teach You?

So this morning I was pouring my kids some Cheerios when I noticed the back of the box (see it to the left).

Cheerios has been on a roll developing different flavors. I know because my husband keeps bringing new ones home lol. We have now tried them all!

Anyway, as I was looking at the box it showed that they have six variations and they recommend you mix and match them to create new yummy flavors (such as cinnamon and frosted for a cinnamon roll flavor).

If you like Cheerios then you’ll want to try all the flavors and mix and match them too. EXACTLY what they want you to do!

So I thought…Are you (me) doing this is your business????

Are you creating a PRODUCT LINE? Are you packaging them to go together? Can you mix and match your products for more profit?

If not, we are missing all  types of opportunity! What can you do starting today to implement the Cheerios strategy? 🙂 I’m going to start by creating more products! What about you?

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By Lisa

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20 replies on “What Can A Box Of Cheerios Teach You?”

When it comes to PLR, I have quite a few packs that fit nicely together. For popular packs, I also normally do a followup pack, so I suppose I am developing product lines although I’ve never really thought of it that way.
Tom Parker recently posted..10 Bike Accessory Reviews – PLR Articles

LOL yeah Tom the PLR business is PERFECT for the Cheerios strategy! You can also add more value by creating other different types of content to go with your packs like comparison charts, audio, video, autoresponder messages, reports, etc.

How did you know!?! That’s soooo spot on lol! 🙂

You know I do have products I could bundle together and sell at a special price. Great idea thanks Lisa!
Sue recently posted..Mortgage Broker PLR

Hey Sue! Yeah I do too…need to get on it lol!

ooohhhhhh Sharyn! Thanks for leaving me the breakfast bundle LOL! 🙂

Yeah I do see a lot of marketing stuff in the ‘little things’. Like one time I was reading a Winnie The Pooh book to my daughter and I got a WHOLE marketing lesson out of it. I even posted it on the Warrior Forum lol! You just never know where your inspiration will come from!

Hey Chris, you make a VERY good point about prior to creating a product line…be sure to have buyers that are interested first! Good stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

Great post Lisa! I was actually thinking about this earlier (the product line bit, not the Cheerios, lol!). I want to find a way to tie in older PLR packs with newer packs in a related field.
Bridget Sielicki recently posted..Natural Cleaning PLR

LOL! Well you could add the older bundles as a bonus on a couple packs to see how that goes.

Dang, where have I been Lisa! Okay, I don’t eat cereal anymore but I have always loved Cheerios. To think they’ve come out with all those new ones. I might have to rethink my breakfast menu.

Yeah, you’re right Lisa. There you go, getting my mind to actually working. Huh! Imagine what ideas I’ll come up with so thanks for that.

Great “short” post but packed full of goodies.

Adrienne recently posted..How To Build Relationships Through Blog Comments

Haha! Yeah I don’t even like Cheerios much except for Honey Nut…but hubby keeps bringing them home lol! The Cheerios strategy definitely has my mind spinning with ideas! Have a great week Adrienne.

Interesting little post. Reminds me in a way of something I read many years ago on the topic of “thud factor”, where you can have one thing that you’re really trying to market yet you can combine a lot of other things to create more value, which in turn stimulates buyers to purchase from you. Good stuff.
Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Marketing When Your SEO Seems To Be Failing You

Hi Mitchell! I have never heard of the “thud factor” but yeah that is very similar. I got a lot of ideas just from the Cheerios box and I think a lot of what is going on here is all about positioning and packaging. Cheerios is positioning and packaging their offer in a unique way. This reminds me how important marketing is in general. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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