Twitter Is Number Three And I’m Shocked!

So I was looking at my analytics on this blog just to see what’s been happening over the last month or so since I have started trying to blog and connect with others on a regular basis (still working on that). I’ve also been trying to connect more on Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc. It’s hard to find the time…but again I’m trying LOL!

In times past, other people’s blogs would be the top referrers (and Google). However, over the past month or two I’m shocked because Twitter is the number three referrer for traffic to this blog (right under direct and Google/organic)! I’m shocked because Twitter has always been an afterthought for me!

What’s Going On?

I have, over the past couple of months, tried to get out there at least once a day. Of course, sometimes I go a week without posting or re-tweeting anything. But one thing I found that really helps is the Tweet Old Post plugin. It really helps to keep things fresh (especially if you’re not out there much). There is nothing like going to follow someone and the last time they tweeted was 6 months ago!

I also started using Hootsuite, which I find makes using Twitter sooo much easier! You can even schedule your Tweets so that you don’t forget!

Another thing to remember is this – quantity doesn’t matter, quality does. Interacting with others is what matters most. Re-tweeting interesting and helpful content is the best thing you can do. Something else to keep in mind – you want to interact with your market not  the whole world.

Also, I found a couple tools to help you unfollow people who are either not following you or are just inactive. One tool is ManageFlitter.

Moving Foward

Since I know that people are coming over from Twitter and staying on the blog for an average of about 2 minutes I’m going to ramp up my efforts to see what happens.

I’m also going to be ramping up other blog efforts as well – such as getting a redesign, adding awesome content, and using other marketing techniques to market the crap out of this blog! 🙂 Stay tuned to see what I learn from this experience!

Let Me Know Below!

So what is your Twitter plan? Do you have one? Are you even using Twitter? (Follow me here).

By Lisa

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11 replies on “Twitter Is Number Three And I’m Shocked!”

Sharyn Sheldonsays:

Hi Lisa,
I have to admit that I still have a lot of trouble with Twitter and getting used to it. It always just seems to consist of people tweeting links to articles. When I can remember, I use Buffer to schedule out tweets since they do it at staggered intervals with Facebook. I have Hootsuite too, but I’ve been having problems with logging in on some of my devices lately so I don’t use it as much. You’re motivating me to do more.

Do you use a program for getting new followers also? Someone recommended TweetAdder to me and I’m thinking of giving it a try.
Sharyn Sheldon recently posted..Mobile Marketing PLR Article Pack

Hey Sharyn, I am really just getting started actually even though I’ve had an account for years. I am interested to see what it could do for traffic and conversions. It really doesn’t matter if people come over (it’s just cool to know). 🙂 But ultimately I want them to take action. So I’ll be testing and tracking to see what happens.

Up until now I’ve been doing everything manually. I have heard good things about TweetAdder. I will do a little more research and see what I should do.

I LOVE Twitter! It is my favorite social media networking site right now and has been for about a year. It works well for me on so many levels. Buffer is my favorite scheduling tool, but I do also use a few others for specific projects. Enjoy your Twitter experience–it is much fun!
Joanne Cipressi recently posted..Moving From Meanness to Kindness

Hi Joanne, yeah I am liking Twitter now that I’m starting to actually use it more. It seems to fit me better than anything else at the moment. Although I do like Google+ too. Thanks for taking time to comment!

Hey Lisa, I really like Twitter for connecting with people. I find people are more likely to reply to you and check out your content. Over the last few month I have built some cool relationship because of Twitter.

I’m actually in the process of trying to use Twitter more strategically to build my blog audience, and I using a tips of from this post on Pat Flynn blog.

What You Need to Know About Twitter
Chris Deals recently posted..DJKO 004 – A Little Help Can Make A Big Difference

I LOVE Twitter. I didn’t used to bother with it at all but once I forced myself to use it I got really into it. The key is to only follow people that you REALLY want to hear from. I mostly follow PLR sellers and a few IMers I really like to hear from.

I just started Tweet Old Post after I saw some other people using it. I realized it could help remind people of some of my older PLR packs and some of my old blog posts that I don’t actively promote anymore.

Twitter really gets fun when you start interacting with people, same with G+.
Amanda Thomas recently posted..Dog Health PLR Pack

I know Amanda, I am really starting to like it a lot. I’m going to be trying a few strategies to see where it leads. I am following those who I’d like to get to know better or if they have cool info. It’s all about building relationships and sharing great content. I have found lots of good stuff through Twitter. 😉

Hey Chris! I never used to ‘get’ Twitter. All I saw it was a bunch of noise. But I’m starting to ‘get it’ lol! I’m going to be using Twitter strategically as well. We should compare notes soon! That was a great post on Pat’s blog!

I also like twitter. I have a few followers and they can be quite responsive when I ask a question.

It’s fun to have conversations on twitter. It is a lot more fun than using the message services in FB or other sites.

I tell people that twitter is more fun than TV. 🙂
david recently posted..Quality Blog Comments With Examples

LOL that’s funny – Twitter is more fun than TV! And I totally agree! 🙂

I’ve not been as active on Twitter as I’d like to be although I am seeing some people visiting and hanging out on my site from there. I still do it in 15 or 20 minute bursts and haven’t automated much except email/newsletter tweets from Aweber.

I’ll have to look into Tweet Old Posts now that I have a few. 😉
Minna Bryant recently posted..Friday FollowUp – Making Mistakes and Handling Burnout

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