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Quick Cash WSO’s

If you are looking for some quick cash then a WSO might be what you need to do. What’s a WSO? It’s a Warrior Special Offer. This is a special offer made only to Warriors on the Warrior Forum.  The cost for a WSO is $40 and depending on your offer it can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

Maybe you have discovered a way to increase conversions or you have a skill that others would pay for. Whatever it may be you can definitely offer it as a WSO to get started making some quick cash online.

My first WSO was offering niche research. I got quite a few sales. It was fun and a great learning experience.

It’s recommended to first build up your presence there on the forums if you don’t already have one. Don’t just go there sign up and post a WSO. You mostly likely will not get as many sales (if any) as you would  if you had spent some time interacting with others on the forum first.

If you are looking to build your list then one of the fastest way to get people on your list if it’s IM related is to create a free WSO. Sure, you’ll get people who sign up and immediately unsubscribe but it is still worth getting those that do care about what you are offering.

If you’ve never put up a WSO before then it can be very intimidating. But don’t let that stop you!

Just work with what you have! Think about what you can help someone else do. Check out what WSO’s are popular and get a lot of response. Search the forums to see what types of questions people are asking.

Last year, I experimented a lot with different types of WSO’s. Some were great and others flat out sucked. But I learned so much! Experimentation and learning is the name of the IM game. Step out of your comfort zone and go make some quick cash today!

EDIT – Here is a really cool tool I just came across. It’s called WSO Stats and it lets you see how many people are viewing WSOs in 15 minute increments. Pretty cool! Now you can know when to launch your WSO. PS – they say you should have at least 1500 people viewing before you launch.