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How To Stop Thinking About Creating Your First Online Course (And Start Doing it)

Have you been thinking about creating your own online course for…ages? Yeah, I’ve been there!

It’s very common for people to think and think and think without taking any action. Why? Well, because we are our own worst enemies that’s why!

In our minds, we KNOW that creating a digital product is a GREAT idea. We’ve all heard about the many benefits of creating a digital products…

  • Create more freedom in your business and life (passive income! get paid while you sleep!)
  • Do the work once and get paid over and over again (work smarter)
  • Reach and impact more people (do work that makes an impact)

These things are all TRUE! Yet, we still procrastinate and put it off until the time is right.

But guess what?

The time will NEVER be right.

It’s just like saying that you’re waiting for the right time to get married, have kids, or go back to school. The point is – you’ll never be FULLY prepared. All you can do is prepare well enough and then go for it.

If you are hemming and hawing about creating your first online course or program it’s because you are unsure and uncertain, which is usually the way fear shows up for most of us.

We are scared that people won’t buy. We are afraid of feeling like a failure. So we ask ourselves questions like…is this even worth it? What if nobody is interested? What if I launch to crickets?

Have you ever said these things to yourself? Yeah, me too.

But here’s the thing…you will NEVER know for sure unless you try soooo go out there and give it all you got.

Here is what you should be thinking instead…


What would adding an extra stream of revenue do to your bottom line?

Do a quick math calculation and you’ll soon see the potential there is in creating one course and selling just one per day.

$297 x 365 = $108,405

Could you use an extra 100K this year? Umm yeah me too! What if you sold more than one course or a higher priced course? Oh the potential!


You must do some research so you can quiet those voices in your head that say or wonder if people will buy.

You have to know the following things before you get started:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What is their biggest problem?
  • How are you going to solve it?

Okay you know who your targeting and what problem you’re solving…

Now… get it out in front of your ideal customers so you can test the idea and then tweak it from there.

So how do you stop thinking so much and starting creating? Take inspired action. If you feel like you can do it right now then move on those feelings and start creating something – anything – right now!

I hope this post has at least motivated you to do what you know you should do anyway. ūüôā

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Closed or Evergreen Online Courses?

CLOSED DOOR OR EVERGREEN--- When you first start creating courses you might wonder if you should leave the course open (evergreen) or if you should close the ‘doors’ and only open them a couple of times per year.

I know I’ve felt frustrated and unsure about which way to go in my biz before. Have you?

So which one should you choose?

Well, I think it depends on your goal, it depends on your style and it depends on the type of content you are creating. ¬†Ultimately, ¬†I think it’s important to have both in your business.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them…

Closed Door

This type of course is based around the typical launch. You open on a said date and then close in one or two weeks from the open date. These can be fun (and stressful) to create and launch because you are building buzz and you have a limited time frame so your ideal customers are excited and signing up. It can also be a great income boost in a short period of time. The built in limited time only scenario can really work to your advantage.

The only problem is – what if you don’t create enough buzz and you’re left with little customers and little money. That’s no fun, right?!

Since you closed the doors, you typically won’t open them for a little while. However, if it wasn’t a big launch you could open the doors back up in a couple of weeks (since it wasn’t a big launch most people will not notice).

But what if you don’t want to launch the typical way? ¬†What if you are not sure if you can pull off a big launch? What if you want sales every day?

That’s where evergreen courses come into play!


This type of course is always available to purchase. This works really well for timeless type of content. So something that doesn’t have to be updated constantly (like social media training or something like that). Instead of limiting the time frame you might want to limit how many bonuses the customer will get or even increase the price within a certain time.

Having an evergreen product will help you create a steady stream of income. AND when you add things like Facebook ads into the mix then you can truly put this stream of income on autopilot allowing you do to other income producing activities!

You could also start off as closed door and then turn it into an evergreen course – as long as the information is timeless that is.

I’d love to know which one you are working on or which you prefer. Let me know in the comments below!

I’m getting ready to open up Rock Your Course soon! If you’re ready to create your course then sign up here to be notified!