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Journaling My Journey

I’ve always wanted to journal my journey.  To me the best blogs are those that are learning and teaching at the same time.

We are all here to make money. Some want extra spending money, some want to quit their day jobs, and some want to be the next Internet Marketing Millionaire.

It’s fun to see some people really grow (in real time) into awesome success stories.

For so long I’ve shunned the idea because I never really felt comfortable writing about my journey.

However, I LOVE blogs that tell the journey. I love to hear about what’s working, what’s not, what sucks, what’s hype, and all the rest. And I know others do too.

For the short time that I’ve blogged here I already feel different. I mean when I get comments like:

Liam Hamer says:


Firstly, congratulations on the pregnancy.

I don’t think I’ve ever told you this on the WF, but when I joined there and wanted to find a path to follow amongst all the information and options available I came across a thread by you where you were giving away a guide to niche marketing. I signed up to your list, downloaded it and whilst reading it, the penny dropped big time and I finally understood how to go about things. I’d dabbled unsuccessfully in MLM and other ‘make money fast’ schemes but that just wasn’t me. Your guide really got me started properly

IM has changed mine and my family’s life for the better and when I look back to when I got started(summer ’09), I remember reading your ebook and being full of ideas. I will always consider that to be a big part of getting started. So thank you

I think you’re a very talented writer and clearly know IM very well indeed. I hope you can find the path that will make you happy and that you’ll want to put your heart and soul into. Just wanted to let you know that you absolutely made a difference for me, and I’m sure whatever you put your mind to, you will see great results from. The best of luck for the future.

It really affects me deeply and it makes me want to do more to help! I helped to change somebody’s life!! How cool is that? Okay, I need tissue (can you tell I’m pregnant lol?).

And all I did in that report was show people what I was doing to find keywords that could easily rank on the first page of Google.

It sort of feels liberating to be writing on this blog. Declaring my goals to the world, fighting against crazy mind tricks, and helping as I can.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is sooo key to building a successful business online.

Soon I’ll muster up enough guts to video. Going to buy a camera next week so we shall see. 🙂

So I think what I’m saying in this post is that I’m going to be more transparent in sharing what I’ve been doing and what I will be doing to reach my goal. My goal originally was the Amazon Challenge, but looking back it was a bit naive.

So I’m revising a bit.

I’m shooting for a combined consistant income of $5K/per month before baby. That means I have only 184 more days!! Can I do it? I GOT TO!

How will I do it? Affiliate sales, PLR sales, (some) Freelance, and sales of my own products.

I would like to create 2 or so great products in these next 184 days. Tiffany Dow wrote an amazing post entitled “Are Women Too Intimidated to Be Solo Entrepreneurs?” a while back and it still rings in my ears!

I looked to the Internet to build a business on my own terms. Not hide behind a computer screen. So here’s to journaling my journey…I hope you’ll come along for the ride! 😉