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Update – What’s Working For Me

It’s June already…half of the year is already gone! Now is a great time to assess those New Years goals. Are you on track or did you fall completely off the track? In January I talked about my Amazon challenge and how I wanted to get to $5K/mo by June. Well, that didn’t happen!

BUT, as much as I want my niche blogs to be out there generating me that all so important passive income REALITY says…I need to meet a certain monthly goal by a certain time. I’m happy I set up niche affiliate blogs for the passive income that I do get on auto pilot. But if I’m going to reach my goals in a certain amount of time then I had to change things up….STAT!

I was sooo discouraged by the constant up and down rankings and the complication of building backlinks and not knowing how Google was going to react. I had to change something…and I feel so much better about my business now.

I’m not going to say that what I’m doing is the best way to make money online or that it’s easier.  I’m just able to see results faster…which is very important to me right now. I will definitely continue building my Amazon niche blogs and I even found some really good Adsense niches I want to get into once my other income is at a stable level.

So what exactly is working for me right now?

Looking at my PayPal sales I went from taking in roughly $900 in the month of March to over $3000 in the month of May.  And I’m aiming to double my sales for this month. As you can see I’m going to continue to do what’s working for me!

This income came from the following:

  • Services (mostly article writing)
  • PLR (PLR a La Carte and Health PLR Club – my own sites)
  • Affiliate Marketing (promoting other people’s products)
  • My own Affiliate Program
  • Basically all through my EMAIL LIST!

Of course, I had expenses so it’s not like it was all profit. However, once I have the systems and offers in place they run on autopilot and with little expense.

I now see the POWER in creating relevant OFFERS to an email list. It doesn’t matter if it’s your product or if it’s just a great product that you want to tell others about.

I attribute my growth to 1.) finding out what is working for me 2.) doing more of that 3.) working smarter (i.e. putting systems into place and creating more offers) and 4.) above all being focused and not spreading myself too thin!

So now that I’m seeing results I need to ramp it up. I EXPECT growth! I have to put better systems in place. I need to perfect my sales funnels and create more offers. I just bought the Profits Theme. So far, I can see I’m going to really like it.  I can’t wait to see how this helps to improve my sales funnels. There’s much work to do! But it’s fun!

I’d love to know! How you are doing with your goals! Are you on track? Did you change directions?