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How To Automate Your Sales Process So You Can Create A Freedom Lifestyle

I am all about creating a lifestyle business. A business that allows me to live life on my terms.

But I have to admit that for years I didn’t think much about lifestyle. I knew I wanted to build a business online, but that was about as far as I thought about living life on my terms.

Here is the problem with that – you end up creating another job for yourself and you make life harder than it has to be.

That’s exactly what I did when I created my first writing business. And that’s no good especially if you want to live a more freedom based lifestyle.

I said all that to say that if you want a freedom lifestyle then you must find ways to automate your business.

So does that mean exactly?

Just as the name says, automated, has to do with automation or doing things in a mechanical way or in a way that REMOVES a person having to do the thing. Automated income is leveraged income. Meaning you use tools to help move your process along automatically.

There are quite a few things that can be automated in your online business. Here are a few examples:

  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Digital downloads
  • Client scheduling

But the kind of automated system I’m talking about is really all about automating the SALES process. This means that you are growing your email list and sending people through your email funnel 24/7 to make more sales while you are doing other things.

If you took a few days off and didn’t do any work would you be able to continue your sales and biz growth? Or would everything stop during those times? 

This is exactly what will NOT happen if you had an automated system running in your business and you decide to take a vacation, get sick, or have to tend to the issues of life.

If you said everything would stop then you need to set this system up in your biz now!

How To Set Up An Automated Sales Process

The system is made up of three main parts: free offer, email sequence, and paid advertising.

Freebie Offer – This is the irresistible offer you make to woo them onto your email list. One of the quickest ways to establish the trust, know, like factor is to teach on a webinar. At the end of the webinar you can pitch your program or service.

Emails – Some people will not take action right away. That’s why you must have a compelling follow up sequence. This is a series of emails that go out over the first 10-14 days to help move your subscribers to make a buying decision.

Facebook Ads – Quickly find TARGETED people to get in front of. Your ideal clients are out there and they are most likely on Facebook.

Create your freebie offer and connect it to your autoresponder. Set up your emails to go out automatically over the next week or so. Set up Facebook ads that attract your ideal customers and monitor it so you are getting good click through rates and cost per conversion.

Once this is all set up correctly, the only thing you are doing is monitoring your Facebook ad campaigns. You can step away from your business and because of this system you will continue to build your list and make sales. Note: this only works well if you have a proven program/course/service that sells. If you don’t yet, then you’ll need to test your market to make sure it’s what they want prior to setting this up.

Do you see the power in this system?

The best part is that you can set it up HOWEVER you want. You can use this system to engage your tribe, sell more programs/courses/service, sell a retreat, or launch something new!

Let me know how you’ll use this system in your biz!