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Simple Product Creation – A Case Study

Are you overcomplicating the product creation process and therefore delaying your success? Product creation or the development of a digital information product does not have to be difficult! In fact, with all of the resources we have it’s actually a lot easier than it was 10 years ago.

You have plenty of options! Here are just three:

  • You can create a product based on your knowledge, experience, and passion!
  • You can outsource your product creation!
  • You can use Private Label Rights content to get a head start.

It’s up to you! See how easy it can be – download the case study!

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.

16 replies on “Simple Product Creation – A Case Study”

Thanks Ruth! It’s pretty cool that it sells and I haven’t done ANY marketing at all! We shall see what happens as I ramp up the efforts! 🙂

Thanks Kelli! It will be interesting to see how I can increase sales!

Ah, you helped your husband create a product! What a cool idea and even cooler that he let you show him how. Oh girl, this is going down in history. Can’t wait to read your case study Lisa. I have no doubt it’s awesome.

Adrienne recently posted..How to Build a Rock Star Brand

I loved the case study. It really was so simple. You’ve really inspired me to stop making my product creation process so darn difficult. I’m making a career break and sabbatical abroad product but it’s been so much of a struggle.
have you seen any good ebay video plr content? I have looked but can’t find any. I feel like making one myself now. LOL.
Annie Andre recently posted..Could You Slow Travel For 8 Years As A single parent? Lainie Can:Interview

Sharyn Sheldonsays:

Loved reading the case study, Lisa. Real world, no hype. Just the way I like it!

Great video too. It was nice to out a voice to the face!

Sharyn Sheldon recently posted..Home Business PLR Articles Pack

Hey Annie! I’m glad I inspired you to stop making your product creation so difficult! You already have the hardest part done and that’s picking the market and the topic! Now all you need is a nice outline and some quiet time and I’m sure you will knock it out!

I was just going to email you with the only thing I could find on ebay (not videos). Here it is – Using PLR will help you create videos faster if you do decide to go that route! Thanks for stopping by!!

Thanks Peggy! Do you have any marketing suggestions? I was going to add more content to the site and to directories. I’m thinking about some videos we could make. We haven’t set up a Twitter or Facebook account yet. I think I just need to outsource the marketing part LOL!

Hey Awesome Sharyn (sorry just listened to Chris Deals podcast LOL)! Thanks I’m trying to keep everything I do real world, no hype! Oh and thanks on the video…we all gotta start some where right hehe! 😉 I’m really nervous to do it but I really want to push out of my comfort zone!

I know right?!?! Now I need to sell more lol!

LOL “it’s going down in history”! Yeah, I’ve been trying to get him to do business online at least this is a step in the right direction lol! 🙂

Thank you lisa.

You’ve really opened my eyes to PR content. PR content always boggled my mind. I couldn’t figure how someone could giv eyou the rights to re-use products for such an inexpensive price. I just assumed it must be a scam or something.

i’ll check out the ebay PR content today. Thanks for taking the time to look into it for me. 🙂
Annie Andre recently posted..Could You Slow Travel For 8 Years As A single parent? Lainie Can:Interview

I know I used to think like that too! But it has helped me on several occasions!

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