Is Private Label Rights Content Dead?

I was inspired to write this post today by a question I received. The question was in regards to starting up a PLR business but the person thought that people had stopped using PLR. So the question I’m posing is –  is private label rights content dead?

The short answer is NO! Not in the least. People are still using PLR and people are still creating it (hand up)!

The problem I see is that (and I will never really understand all of the ‘weirdness’ that is displayed regarding this topic) some people LOVE PLR and some people HATE it and will never cease to bash it (probably because they do NOT understand it). BUT there are MANY people who do not even know it EXISTS!!

I run into people each week that have never heard of it before. In one of my groups recently I got this message:

is plr dead

It’s posts like this that gets me fired up to spread the message far and wide. I personally know so many people who create awesome PLR content and that have thriving businesses. And it’s been a very good business to me over the years as well even if I have solely focused on it.

So what is PLR exactly and why is it not dead?

Because PLR seems to carry a bad name (in a weird ugly step child kinda way), I’ve decided to start calling it Licensed Content. THAT is essentially what it is. The buyer is buying content through a license. The license allows you to use it as is permitted.

There are many people out there who need to produce quality content for their audience on a regular basis. They basically have three options. Pay for a ghostwriter to produce unique content, do it themselves, or use Licensed Content. The first two take time and money. An alternative solution is to use Licensed Content that is already written on a topic you need and tweak it a bit to suit your needs. Ideally it costs less than outsourcing and you will spend less time putting it together because the bones are already there (you are not starting from scratch).

A similar practice happens in other industries…a company buys products at a lower cost and is allowed to put their branding and messaging on the product (look at store brand products like the UP brand by Target). We also do something similar in our candle company – we sell our candles to another company who then puts their labels on the candles and sells them as their own product.

The bottom line?

I’ve sold PLR content or what I’m now calling License Content every single month for the past four years! If it wasn’t in demand, I wouldn’t be able to sell it. Besides that I’m not the only one selling it so there is still a market for it. AND that shows that there are people who DO get it!

Want to learn more about how to create and sell Licensed Content? Click here!

Let me know your thoughts about this type of content. Do you use it? Do you sell it? Let me know!


By Lisa

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