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I’m always coming across great information. So when I come across must read posts…I’ll post them. The point?  To take what we can from each post and apply it into our own businesses.  

The following articles gave me a lot to think about. Enjoy the read and take action! 

10 Posts I’m Glad I Didn’t Miss – Pat Flynn goes over a few posts that are worth reading. Check them out! 

Are You Afraid to Rise to Rock Star Status? Here is the Solution… – Heather Stephens of Clever Marketer discusses why you might be afraid of success. Very thought provoking.

15 Ways To Boost Your Sales, Traffic, and Productivity – RevenueGal of Mommy Revenue gives some really great tips here!

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Effortlessly Overcoming Unworthiness – Henri Junttila of Wake Up Cloud gives much food for thought about the feelings/thoughts of unworthliness in the life of an Entrepreneur. It’s something many struggle with….and most of the time your thoughts are untrue.

A 7-Phase Plan for Total Internet Domination – Corbett Barr lays out his 7 phases to achieving his goals. I love how he followed the path and let the journey take him. {Note to self: must learn}.

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Hi Heather, love the look of your blog too! Accountability is important and has me really thinking…thanks for that! 🙂

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