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One Simple Tweak For Bigger Results

Small Sales Tweak Being in business is a journey. Things just don’t happen overnight. There is MUCH to learn and actually you never stop learning if you are serious about being the best you can be in business and life in general.

Over the years of marketing online I’ve done a lot of dumb things but each dumb thing was a very valuable learning experience. In many cases a tiny tweak was all that was necessary to see some big results. The results I’m talking about are not just seen in the form of more money.

I’m also talking about seeing results in getting more sign-ups, traffic, increased interaction in general, and even mindset.

Here’s a tip: one of the highest yielding tweaks you can make in business is to change how you view things (tweet it)!

If you have determination and belief in yourself then you can accomplish anything. It’s just a matter of tweaking how you think. But that’s not the topic of today’s post. Today’s topic is about something I did recently and I was very happy to get it resolved quickly.

Make It Brainless

One of the most important things you can do when selling something (or multiple something’s) online is to make sure you make it SUPER EASY for your customers to checkout and purchase your products.

The other day I was launching a special sale. I’ve created lots of products and have made lots of money over the years so you would think that I got it all down. But there are so many pieces that go into selling online that it’s pretty easy to forget something. I had 8 items I was selling and they were all listed on a page where you could purchase each item of them separately and one link where you could purchase them all.

Well, at first I had it set up so that each link when to its own checkout page (see example below).

web cart


And then a customer wanted to purchase a couple of them (just not all) and it wasn’t easy to do. So then I realized how dumb! I should make it so that when they checkout they can click whichever items they wanted all in one swoop.

web cart

That simple tweak resulted in a lot more sales! If that customer didn’t come to me then I might have never realized what I did. So be sure you make it dead easy for your customers to buy what they want AND make sure they have options to buy MORE at checkout.

What silly mistake have you made in the past? What tweak did you make that resulted in bigger results? Let me know in the comments below!

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.

5 replies on “One Simple Tweak For Bigger Results”

Lisa, the first thought I had before I got very far into reading your post was to make it SIMPLE as possible for your visitors and customers. Then, I realized that’s exactly where you were heading with this topic.

Some people are in a hurry, others are easily confused, some are technical challenged big time, and others just want it easy or they’re not messing with it. You have to totally keep your customers in mind.
Rhonda recently posted..How to Use Your Computer’s Snipping Tool to Create Images for Sharing – 10 Minute Marketing Series

A few months ago I finished the third Kindle book for Caring for Aging Parents series. Unfortunately, I screwed up the formatting and didn’t realize it until the second day into a three-day freebie. I had quite a few downloads, but no one mentioned it to me nor did they leave any nasty reviews. In fact, I got no reviews at all. Very embarrassing. At least the first two books were okay (I rechecked).
Edie Dykeman recently posted..Why I am Happy There is Hope for Arthritis Sufferers

YES Rhonda! I have to tell myself to sloooow down as I tend to be in a hurry a lot. K.I.S.S! 🙂

Edie, yes that can be embarrassing! I have had links that went to the wrong places or zip files that didn’t have everything included. What a headache! So important to slow down and check everything.

I would also like to add make it as simple as pie for your affiliates as well. Give them everything they need to promote you go out of your way for them.

Great post Lisa. I remember when I first opened my PLR store, it looked like a big blue monstrosity. I would create posts that linked to DL guard and then they would have to buy from there. The whole thing was just yucky! But you are right, it was a great learning experience.

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