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Increase Conversions and Make More Money With Countdown Timers

In marketing, scarcity is a tactic used to get people to take action. Like the tactic or not; it works.

If your course/program or service is available all the time (as opposed to closing the program for extended periods of time) then you’ll want to create some sense of scarcity so people will take action now and not later.

You’ve seen scarcity in action before I’m sure.

  • On TV, you’ll see commercials that say 24 Hour Blowout Sale or 3 Day Sales Event. This makes more people get out to the store so they don’t miss the sale!
  • Online, it’s the same thing. You might see things like: 48 Hour Webinar Replay And Then It’s Gone, XZY Bonus Is Good For 24 Hours Only

This tactic has been proven to make people take more action than if it wasn’t used.

If you are not giving people a limited time to take action then you I’m certain you are missing out on a lot of revenue!

One thing I’ve been experimenting with in my email sales funnels is using a timer like Countdown MonkeyIn this video below, I show you how I use it in my biz! Note: Countdown Monkey is now only $37! 

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Hi! Yes it does work in LeadPages and yes you create a piece of code and you can add it to any page including blog posts etc. I had to redo the video to add that! 😉

LOL well I had to go back and make the tutorial a lot more thorough! 🙂 No probs! 😉

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