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How To Use PLR

I love PLR. Not just because I sell PLR but because it has helped me in many ways.  I’ve used it in a variety of ways.  I use it for my affiliate blogs. I use it in freebies.  I use it in my follow autoresponder mesage.

Once I used it to build my list in the wedding niche. I grabbed PLR made for an autoresponder, set up my squeeze page, and started promoting it.

It was so simple and easy to do.  I didn’t even have to change the content because the niche is so huge and I know that quite likely my subscriber is NOT going to come across the same exact content. I don’t even worry about it.

I know some people get stuck on how to use PLR. So here are a few ways to help you brainstorm best uses.

How To Use PLR

The purpose of PLR content is to help you save money and time. Sometimes writers get stuck and need help getting unstuck. You can use PLR in a variety of ways, but the following ways are the most common ways to use PLR.

  • Use it in your autoresponder to follow up with customers and prospects.
  • Use it on your niche blogs/affiliate blogs.
  • Turn the PLR content into a video and build links back to your main site.
  • Use parts of the PLR to add to a product you are creating.
  • Use the information for a podcast or an audio product.
  • Put it together and create a freebie report to give away.
  • Use as a springboard for more ideas.

 Do not use it as is and submit it to Ezine Articles or places like that.

Content is so important when doing business online. PLR is available to help you save time and money. So I take advantage of it whenever I can.

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Do you use PLR? If so, how do you use it?

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.

4 replies on “How To Use PLR”

Lisa, I’m totally addicted to PLR! lol Using it for an autoresponder series is indeed so easy because you don’t have to change a lot of words or do keyword research for the content. And PLR is absolutely my best time saving strategy for coming up with fresh things to write about (which is great for overcoming writer’s block).
Rhonda recently posted..Why More Web Visitors Isn’t Always Better

Hi Lisa, I agree with you PLR can be such a big help in so many different ways. Only your your imagination is the limit. I like to use PLR too in the ways you mentioned here but also to create small spin snippets as optional fillers to my backlink content . Since Big G is not so easy fooled anymore PLR comes very handy. 🙂
MrMatts recently posted..Getting Serious About Social Media – Ultimate Blog Promotion Review

I know right!?? I hear ya on the writer’s block…PLR is perfect to get your creative juices flowing!

Hey MrMatts! Yes, PLR is great for spinning and using to backlink content. I have done this lots of time with Unique Article Wizard.

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