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How To Finally Stop Failing In Business

All of us go through ups and downs in our businesses. It’s natural. But it’s what you do when you are down that determines your level of success in the long run. When you are in your down moment do you throw your hands up and say “I QUIT!” or do you strategize how to get out and back on top of your business?

There are many reasons we can feel like failures (even if we’re not). When you are down you MUST take action and take an honest look at what you have been doing in your business.

If you are feeling like your business is not going how you want it to go then ask yourself if you are doing any of the following things. If you are then you must stop!

Take a look at this list…

You Don’t Do The Things You Love

It can be so easy to get caught up in making money online that you push away your business dreams and goals. Are you really doing what you want to do? You can create a business around the things you love to do and not the other way around. Are you doing what you have the most interest in?

You Are Not Focused On Building An Email List

Not focusing on building your list is a surefire way to not be in business long. If you are waiting to build your list…stop! If there is ONE thing that you should make sure you do – it’s building your list!! Right now, even before you have a product created or any other offers to sell.

You Don’t Make Offers

You can’t make money and therefore have a business if you are not making offers! What do you have to offer? What can you create for your market right now? You are not going to grow if you don’t put things out there to sell. Period.

You Jump At Every Opportunity

Opportunity is good IF it mixes with what you are doing. If it doesn’t take you closer to your goals then you are setting yourself up for a disaster. Stay focused!

You Dont Stick With Anything

This is similar to the point above. If you want to see success then you have to pick ONE business model and give it time to grow. You have to be realistic about your monetary goals as well. Don’t start something and expect to go from zero to $10K per month overnight. 

You Are Not Consistent

Again a little similar to the past couple of points. If you are not doing something and for a long period of time to move your business forward then you are not being consistent. Or if you send an email out to your list once a week and then nothing the next four weeks then you are not being consistent. Same goes with everyting else – blogging, creating products, driving traffic, building relationships…all require consistent effort in order for you to see results.

You Have No Plan

If you are wondering what you should do right now then you most likely have no plan. If you are stuck read this post to refresh your memory on the 3 tasks that matter.

You Are Not Building Relationships

Have you met someone new today or even this week? Have you reached out and commented on someone else’s blog? Have you tweeted something that was from someone other than your group of associates? Have you partnered with anyone recently in an interview?

You Don’t Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time you did something you felt VERY uncomfortable doing? It’s important to keep reaching to new levels. The only way to do that is to get out of your comfort zone and start doing things you know you need to do but are scared to do. What are you afraid of?

All of these things are necessary to create a thriving business online. What are you doing to ensure you are successful?

Let me know below! Are you doing any of these things? What else would you add to the list?

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.

10 replies on “How To Finally Stop Failing In Business”

I use to do all of these things Lisa. Oh yeah, me!!!

I admit doing things much slower than others. I also admit not learning at the same pace everyone else seems to learn. So I was much slower at building a list, knowing what value I could add through making offers, building relationships, you name it.

Consistency is the one key that really hit home with me. Once I started implementing tasks that I was taught would work and I was consistent with doing them I started seeing results. I think that’s a big break through for a lot of people actually. You can’t get excited about things when you aren’t getting any results right!.

Stick with a plan and write down the tasks you need to accomplish each day. Be consistent and enjoy what you do or it’s going to be a very long road ahead of you.

Thanks for sharing this and hope you’re enjoying your day!

Adrienne recently posted..What Are You Afraid Of

No comment! Ok, I’ll admit it. I definitely do some of these things, but I’m working hard to maintain my focus. The biggest challenge there is picking just 3 things to work on each week and writing down the others as “if I have extra time” tasks. Every time I’m tempted with a new idea or project I want to do, I figuratively smack myself on the hand and look at my list again.

– Sharyn
Sharyn Sheldon recently posted..Home Business PLR Articles Pack

Yeah but at least you are doing something right! You have built a huge audience which is a great thing to have!

You are so right when you say “You can’t get excited about things when you aren’t seeing any results”!!! Consistency is a weakness for me and I am really trying to work on that!

And yes we must enjoy what we do or else what’s the point??

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weakend!

LOL I have done all of the above and more! Guilty!!

I’m working hard on developing consistency and focus. Growth takes consistent effort and focus that’s for sure!

I have a hard time sticking to “To Do” tasks and have really get on myself in order to get stuff done! It sure is a learning process, huh?

Such a great post Lisa! I am at the point where I *finally* feel like I understand these things… but it doesn’t mean I don’t still struggle with them. For example, consistency seems to be my biggest issue. My schedule is all over the place and, even if it wasn’t, I still find it hard to keep up with certain things after a while. Like I get bored of them or something.
Ruth P recently posted..Balancing Business And Travel: My Experience

Yes, number 2 has been a massive sticking point for me.

It’s like I know what I need to do, but up until very recently I just wasn’t doing it. I let myself get distracted, I procrastinated heavily and I fussed over whether my subscribers would like my stuff. Now… I’m just doing it anyway.

The consequences of not taking action far outweigh the amount of discipline I need to endure to get the job done.

Oh and I just put together a new work schedule for myself (with set hours, break periods and everything!). I can already see the difference in my productivity.

~ Mena 🙂

Hey Mena! You are so right when you say “The consequences of not taking action far outweigh the amount of discipline I need to endure to get the job done.” That really made me think…I have nothing to lose so why not (get out there and do x, y, z)???

I should look into revising my schedule too since it’s working so great for you! I’m horrible at sticking with a schedule. Part of me feels like I should go when the inspiration comes (which is a lot) and part of me feels like I need a set schedule. Ugh! 🙂

LOL I’ve been watching/listening to a lot of Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins – They’ve started to rub off on me.

In fact it’s Tony’s fault that I set up this schedule thingy (which I’ve already broken as I’m still working an hour after I should have stopped… eek!… This is going take some getting used to). But I have seen a real difference today so I’ll stick with it.

I’ve also got a big fat post-it note on my wall that reads:
– content creation
– traffic generation
– relationship building

Stolen from your ‘Only 3 Tasks…’ post 🙂

Man, I’m such a geek!

OK, I’m so stepping away from the computer now. Have a lovely evening.

LOL I need to put that up on my wall too! Geeks rule! 😉

#3 is my biggest sticking point. I give everything away for free. 🙂 Can’t make a living off of -0- profit.

Okay, i do make money online, but it’s not from selling my own items (except the PLR), it’s mostly from selling affiliate items or doing Squidoo lenses.

I need to add another revenue stream to my business – my products! I think the one thing that’s holding me back there is the fact that I like to work with another person. I don’t relish the idea of being a product creator as a solo artist!

Hmm… food for thought.
Bonnie Gean recently posted..Case Study: Blogging with John Chow – 2 Months Later

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