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How Amanda Uses PLR Content In Her Business

I’ve written about using PLR  before, but there is nothing like seeing how others use it to grow their business. So today I picked Amanda’s brain to see how she is using PLR content in her business.

Amanda currently runs Adventures in Online Marketing and she also creates and sells her own PLR. You can find quality PLR in her store. Amanda feels that internet marketing is an adventure that should be enjoyed.

I agree! Now let’s find out how Amanda use PLR content to make money in her business.

I know that you’re a big user (and creator) of PLR content. How do you use it in your business? Can you give us some examples?

The best part about PLR is that there are so many different ways to use it. Of course there is the simple rewrite which I do pretty often when I need content for my niche sites, but there are plenty of other ways to make use of it.

I mainly use PLR articles. My favorite way to use PLR articles is to create a script for a video based on an article. YouTube and Vimeo are great for generating traffic but sometimes I struggle to come up with a good script. I can take a PLR article and pull out the points I want to cover to create a PowerPoint presentation and read over it with the script I created.

PLR articles are also perfect for setting up your autoresponder series or promoting affiliate products. I love to load up PLR articles in between promo emails for my niche lists so I can easily keep providing them with great information and build trust.

I also use a lot of PLR ebooks and reports. They are great for creating new products. I’ve created video courses where each module was based on a chapter in a PLR ebook. I have also taken a PLR report and added/edited it to create my own small paid report. (I am a huge fan of $7 reports tobuild a buyers list.)

Of course, with all of these it is important to pick high quality PLR that your readers will actually enjoy reading and learn from.

Amanda has given us some great examples of how to use PLR content to make money online. Let us know how you use it in your business or if you have any questions in the comments below! If she’s given you ideas about how to use PLR in your business then be sure to stop by her PLR store!

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8 replies on “How Amanda Uses PLR Content In Her Business”

I think my fave is using it for autoresponders. It works so well and only takes a minute to add a couple of sentences to make it personal. I love creative uses for PLR!
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I use PLR to spark new ideas. A PLR article will usually spark a different twist on the same topic and then I write an article based on that new slant.

I love all these ways. I especially like using PLR to create free stuff for my list. I just edit it and spice it up a bit.

One of my favorite ways to use PLR is just for learning about a topic. If see something that looks great that I want to learn more about, I can buy PLR from someone who I know does good research. It gives me a great base to learn from so that I can spend the Google time going more in depth.
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I’ve used PLR for video scripts, like Amanda. It works great! I also use PLR for my affiliate sites and for articles I post on Squidoo.

I always, take the time to rewrite all my PLR though, as I like to inject my own flair and personality into the content.
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