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If there is one thing you MUST have in order to earn an income online –  it’s targeted TRAFFIC!

I have been experimenting with a lot of traffic tactics lately. There are many free and paid traffic tactics and BOTH work great. Like with anything there are pros and cons to both ways of getting traffic.

While I like boths types there’s something about paid traffic that I love! I’m quite sure it has something to do with INSTANT traffic. No waiting for months to see if an offer converts! You can find out within hours really.

The best part is that if you create a product and sales funnel that converts and becomes profitable then you can afford to spend money on ads and continue to siphon leads/customers 24 hrs/7 days a week. Now that’s smart.

Enter Facebook Ads

If you are looking for a lot of targeted traffic FAST then use Facebook ads! I’ve been playing around with Facebook ads over the past week and have learned so much thanks to Amy’s awesome training. But one thing I’m shocked about is that for the most part I’ve been paying  .07-.11 per click, which is pretty good if you know anything about paid traffic. When I played around with Google Adwords I NEVER got that low.

There are a lot of ways to use Facebook ads to drive traffic. Here are 3 things I’m using it to do right now:

1. Drive Traffic to Blog Posts – If you want more engagement or more eyeballs on your content then use Facebook ads to get more people to your blog posts.

2. Drive Traffic to Opt-in Page – If you want more leads coming into your business then use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

3. Build More Likes on Business Page – If you want more likes to build social proof then use Facebook ads to drive traffic to ‘Like’ your page.

I went from around 178 likes to more than 1100 likes off of a couple of days promotion and spent less than $50 (my first time using Facebook Ads too)! I also got a lot of opt-ins (though I wasn’t tracking very closely). The key to low cost per click is to have pictures that pop and ad copy that speaks to your market. The higher your click thru rate the better it is for you! Of course, you should always test to make sure you have the best possible ad running.

What about you? Do you use paid traffic sources? Have any questions? Let me know below!

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.

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Wow! Those are some pretty impressive numbers. I’m wondering, did you use the ads for your PLR sites at all? Or were you focused mainly on building up likes?

I’m on the verge of using paid methods, but haven’t committed to one form yet. I’ve been learning about solo ads, but those seem to be very risky if you don’t already know you have a converting opt-in page and funnel. I’ll let you know my results when I do finally jump in the water ;).

– Sharyn
Sharyn Sheldon recently posted..Social Media Management PLR eCourse

Quick question Lisa. Where did you find your solo ad sellers? I know you shared a couple in your PLR Business Training forum, but I was wondering if you have tips for finding other sources. Most of the ones I’ve seen so far seem fairly expensive for the number of clicks they guarantee. Thanks!
Sharyn Sheldon recently posted..Social Media Management PLR eCourse

With the solo ads and the Facebook ads, you’re opening my eyes to the fact that it’s well worth paying for traffic. I am glad to hear you got some signups to your PLR freebie, as I always wondered whether Facebook ads would be a good place for that.
Ruth P recently posted..Day 14: Small Steps [31DayPC]

I was promoting 2 new health related info products I created. I just wanted fast traffic so I could split test and tried FB ads directly to those Clickbank style squeeze pages. Didn’t work out lol.

I’ll definitely be looking into your suggestion of a free offer on a custom tab though. Thanks for mentioning it. I think I have a WSO sitting on my hard drive about just that topic. Off to find it 🙂
Jessica Kihara recently posted..Holiday Affiliate Guide – PLR Report

Facebook ads are great! I’ve been using them to generate likes for the most part, but have seen a couple of sign up’s too (I’ve set up the custom tab with a link to my free PLR).

I’ve been thinking about dabbling in Google ads, not so sure about that yet though. I notice that there are hardly any other PLR Google ads. This could either be a a good sign (relatively cheap ads) or a bad sign (people have tried before but it didn’t pan out). I’m still trying to figure it out.
Mena Jo recently posted..LinkedIn for Business Step-by-Step How to Guide

Danyelle Franciosasays:

I’ve been wanting to try Facebook Ads because I can see the great advertising opportunities with Facebook but as I can see with their ads, they are more smaller and minimalistic… will it really work?
Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Allkind Joinery Brisbane – Upholding a Proud Tradition

Hi Danyelle, Facebook ads can work very well in certain niches. The more social a topic the better. Right now I’m using ads to drive traffic to my optin/squeeze pages. It’s working on that end!

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