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FB Ad Strategy To Warm Up Cold Traffic (And Lower Lead Costs)

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The more I work with clients and Facebook ads the more I realize how much TIME and STRATEGY plays a big part of the overall ad success.

If you’re using Facebook ads (or want to)  – what is your goal?

Your goal is what everyone’s goal is – to get a Return On Investment (ROI)!

Unfortunately, many Facebook advertisers DO NOT get a return on their ads.

Why? Let’s take a look at a typical path of most new(er) Facebook advertisers who run online businesses…

  • They have an amazing program or service they want to sell
  • They hear webinars are GREAT for selling more stuff
  • They know they need traffic and hear about the success stories of using Facebook ads
  • They watch a few free webinars and/or videos on Facebook ads
  • Set up a Facebook ad that promotes their webinar and wait…
  • Get discouraged because hundreds of people are not signing up for their webinar
  • Get frustrated because they are spending more money then they thought they would
  • Freak out and give up 🙂

Does this sound familiar to you?

I see a few problems with this path.

First, while you could watch a bunch of free videos you are still left to figure things out by yourself.  Get help from someone who understands Facebook ads.

Second, most new advertisers do not set up ads in a strategic way. They advertise their webinar to anyone and/or everyone and if they don’t have an audience built up yet then the only option is to target cold traffic.  Sending cold traffic to your webinar works…but it’s EXPENSIVE!

And finally most new advertisers do not give themselves enough TIME to actually test audiences in order to get a good campaign going.

What should an advertiser do instead? Turn cold traffic into warm traffic as quickly as possible.

Here is one way to do it…

1. People need to first know you exist and learn more about what you can do for them. Set up a Traffic campaign that promotes your best content (no opt-in).
2. Set up a Custom Audience for this page/post.
3. Retarget the people coming to this content with a Conversion campaign offering another related piece of content (cheat sheet, checklist, something simple) so they get on your email list.
4. Follow up with emails. On about the third email send them to your webinar or the webinar replay.
5. Set up another Conversion campaign to promote the webinar to the people who opted into your freebie offer (the simple cheat sheet, checklist, etc.) but didn’t sign up for your webinar yet.
6. Keep the campaigns running for a few weeks to collect data.
7. Optimize the ads based on the data.

Now in this above scenario you are warming up your cold traffic by sharing some good info with them and then asking them to grab a simple download or training that fits with the info they just consumed. After that, you send them a couple of value packed emails and then invite them to a webinar training you have (also related to the info they just consumed).

Now you are targeting warm traffic with your webinar promotion….which means more people will likely sign up and the cost per lead will be less expensive. This definitely works especially if you give yourself enough time to test audiences. When you do this 30-90 days prior to launching, you’ll see a much more profitable launch.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

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