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Facebook Ad Targeting: New Audiences

No matter what stage of business you are in, you will at one point or another need to target new people (new reach, new audiences).

And guess what? Facebook makes it really easy!  You probably know that Facebook gets a gold mine of data from its users, right? Well this is GREAT news for those of us looking to target the right people in our ad campaigns!

So in this post, I wanted to show how you can find new audiences to target so you can attract the right people while growing your audience.

First, you MUST know who they are and what they are all about.

It’s Never Too Late To Go Back And Do This…

1. Make a profile of your ideal customer. Try to imagine in your head who your customer is, where he/she lives and works, education, hobbies, etc. Flesh out your customer and make him or her as “real” as possible. You may even want to give him or her a name.

2. Add demographic information including age, profession, educational background, ethnicity, and household income. The more specific details you can add, the better.

3. Identify the problem or problems that you can fix. These are also known as “pain points” that make them an ideal customer for your business.

4. Dig Deeper. Understand how your ideal clients/customers use Facebook. What do they ‘Like’ on Facebook? Write down the Pages, Interests, Books, Blogs, Publications, TV Shows, etc that you think they would like. How do they describe themselves on Facebook (their job title or something like that)? Why do they go on Facebook….you want your ad to pop up in their news feed and pull them in….NOT repel them.

Use Audience Insights

Enter the name of a big name person in the industry that you're ideal clients might follow. Look at the other pages that are similar or are liked by the same audience.
Enter the page name of a big name person or company  that your ideal clients might follow. Look at the Demographic and Page Likes tabs to learn more about your ideal customer/client. Example – If you are selling a fitness program to new Moms then you might start with a popular fitness trainer like Jillian Michaels and then look for other Pages that New Moms who want to lose weight might like as well. Busy Mom Gets Fit (this looks like a very promising audience to target). Take that Page and put it into the Interest box and see what other Pages pop up. Also, look at the Public Figure section…these look great too!

Take one of the Pages that look good and go to their Page and see what Pages they like to dig even deeper. Sometimes they like their peers pages and this will lead to other Pages that target the same audience:


You will not be able to target every Page you find inside of Facebook (only some pull up and I have NO idea what makes some pull up and others do not). If the Page pulls up inside Audience Insights then most likely you will be able to target it in an ad.

Inside Audience Insights in the Interest box, put in the Pages that you’ve found one at a time to see what other Pages pull up:


Also look at the Demographics page to learn more about age, gender, etc. about the people who like these pages.

Search Google and Then The Search Box In Facebook

Or if you can’t find or think of any Pages to start with, go to Google and do a search on your main keywords.


I see FitPregnancy, so I’d probably start there and see if a Page pulls up in Facebook search and then take it to Audience Insights.

Look More Into Demographics and  Inside Ad Set In The Power Editor

fb You can get really targeting inside Demographics. Who would have thought you can target TYPES of Moms.

Did you know you can even target households that buy a lot of peanut butter and pbj jelly??

That can be found under Behaviors lol.

So as you can see Facebook has a lot of data to help you take some time to play around with both the Audience Insights tool and the Audience section inside the Ad Set section in the Power Editor.

Update: Now you can get even more targeted…..inside the Power Editor under Targeting you will see Detailed Targeting. This feature will help you narrow down your audience even more. So instead of targeting a big Page like Fit Pregnancy only – you now have the option to narrow it down. This is huge! But to get the most out of this tool you really understand who you are targeting. Capture



Have fun and let me know how it goes!


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