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Email List Building: Building Your Marketplace Step 2

So what is building your marketplace you ask? On a very basic level it is about building your email list. But it’s not about how to get a billion people on your list but rather attracting the right type of people for your business. I highly recommend reading Huge Profits With A Tiny List.

This is part of a series on building your marketplace. Read the first step of building your marketplace which is to know who you want to attract.

Now that we are crystal clear on who we want to attract, step 2 is all about getting clear on ourselves and what we have to offer the people we want to attract.

Step 2 – What Do You Have To Offer?

In other words, how can you help them? In order to answer this you must know what they are looking for. This comes with knowing your marketplace. Can you help them solve a problem? Help them make more moeny? Help them save time?

Knowing what you have to offer just comes down to knowing your skills and what you are good at doing.

For example, maybe you are a great writer and you know how to write effective press releases. Or maybe you know how to manage your time so you know you could help someone else manage their time.

Make a list of what your marketplace needs or wants and then see how your skills can meet those needs or wants.

Your solution to their problem will typically be in the form of a product or a service. Now all you need to do is put the product/service together.

Stay tuned for Step #3 – How To Step Up A System!

What do you think? How do you find where your skills mix with what your market wants or needs? Comment below!

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