Tis the season for business owners every where to start making New Year plans for their businesses. Planning is key to success and I’m not knocking it BUT here’s the thing…planning only gets you so far.

It means absolutely nothing if you don’t COMMIT. You have to be completely SOLD OUT to what you are doing. This is where I’ve failed in the past. Not any more.

I’ve learned this lesson over and over again. I think it’s finally sinking in LOL.


You can’t start something and stop.

You can’t half-it (giving half the effort).

commit Every single business owner that is successful has ONE major thing in common…they commit and see things through.

They have TIME on their side because they stuck with it.

Think about it. If you think someone has had an overnight success what you are really seeing is YEARS of toil and consistent effort. It appears that they were successful overnight but they weren’t. They are just now getting noticed by you. But that doesn’t mean they just started doing what they do.

So don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Instead COMMIT to your business. In the end, it will take you farther than any New Year Resolution could.

I am fully committed to helping more business owners GROW their businesses in 2014.

How about you?

Let me know your thoughts below!

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By Lisa

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