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Two Different Ways To Schedule Your Facebook Page Posts

Scheduling your Facebook page posts is a great way to save time and keep you from being distracted by all the noise on Facebook. Here are two ways you can do it quickly and easily!

 Do you schedule your Facebook posts? What tool do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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7 Powerful Ways To Use Private Label Rights Content In Your Biz

PLR Content - No Need To Reinvent The Wheel I’ve heard successful business people say that PLR is crap. Actually someone (big name) told me he would never recommend anyone use it.

I get that PLR has gotten a bad name over the years (even though it has gotten a MUCH better reputation over the last few years due to stellar PLR producers like AliceRuth, Peggy and many more).

I find that really funny/strange because private labeling is HUGE outside of the internet marketing world. You will find many companies offering private labels for various tangible products.

The thing is most ‘guru’s’ will tell you NOT to reinvent the wheel. AND that’s the exact point I want to make about using PLR content. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

The key to having success with PLR content is to use it to back up the knowledge you already have. So let’s say you are a health coach or something like that. You already have the knowledge and expertise…why waste time reinventing the wheel? Why waste time putting together your products, programs and services by starting completely from scratch? You shouldn’t. You should find PLR content that is similar to your expertise and tweak it so that you can get your stuff out into the world MUCH faster!

7 Powerful Ways To Use PLR Content

1. Support Your Expertise – So the very first powerful way to use PLR content is to use it to support your knowledge and expertise. If you want to create a program on setting up a WordPress blog then find PLR that already spells it all out. You are the expert so go through the content and fix what needs fixing, add to parts that need more information, take out any unnecessary info, etc.

2. Social Media – Take little bits of information and use it to post to your Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. This is a great way to keep people you are connected with engaged with you and your brand.

3. Freebies – Giving away content is a great way to get people to learn more about who you are and what you do. PLR content makes it that much easier to get info out!

4. Create a Webinar – Just put your content into slides and you can quickly create an event like a webinar to teach, support, or connect with your market.

5. Self Pubish on Amazon – Use PLR content to self publish on Kindle or even publish your own book on Amazon. Again this reinforces your brand.

6. Email Marketing – I LOVE using PLR content in emails because it’s super easy to do. This also helps you stay connected and helps people remember who you are.

7. Podcast or Web TV show – Use PLR content to create a podcast or web TV show so that you will always have something to say.

Good PLR also gives you ideas of what to talk and write about.  The bottom line here is that there is nothing new under the sun. Using PLR content is just a powerful way to get content out to your ideal market that much faster.

So what’s stopping you from using PLR? Or if you do use it please let us know how you use it in your biz!

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An Interview With Ruth Pound On Kindle Publishing

I’m excited to share more insights with you from a friend and fellow product creator – Ruth Pound. Ruth has quite a success story in that she is able to make a living completely online AND travel at the same time (she is currently traveling all over Southeast Asia).

Ruth started making money online by writing in 2008 and has since grown to become an editor, service provider, website developer, blogger, affiliate marketer, PLR provider and, most importantly, she is her own boss! You can find out more about her at The Internet Dream. Her latest project is a Kindle book series. Check out her answers to my questions below! I think we can all learn a lot!


Earn Extra Cash Promoting PLR You Didn’t Create

Even though I run my own PLR business, I know that I can’t possibly create enough PLR content for the demand! So I supplement my income and earn extra cash by promoting other PLR sellers high quality PLR content. Guess what? You can too!

This is a very simple business model. You build a list and you let them know about the high quality PLR (including discounts and sales) that you come across. You can do that right?

In my latest version of Sell PLR For Cash – Affiliate Version, I walk you through how to get started. I even throw in my spreadsheet of affiliate programs that I make money with. Check it out if you want to earn some extra cash with PLR, but don’t want to actually create the content yourself.



Entrepreneur Success Traits – Do You Have Them?

I was brainstorming on my whiteboard about what types of traits you need to have in order to be a successful Entrepreneur Online. What traits would you add?