Is Private Label Rights Content Dead?

I was inspired to write this post today by a question I received. The question was in regards to starting up a PLR business but the person thought that people had stopped using PLR. So the question I’m posing is –  is private label rights content dead?

The short answer is NO! Not in the least. People are still using PLR and people are still creating it (hand up)!

The problem I see is that (and I will never really understand all of the ‘weirdness’ that is displayed regarding this topic) some people LOVE PLR and some people HATE it and will never cease to bash it (probably because they do NOT understand it). BUT there are MANY people who do not even know it EXISTS!!

I run into people each week that have never heard of it before. In one of my groups recently I got this message:

is plr dead

It’s posts like this that gets me fired up to spread the message far and wide. I personally know so many people who create awesome PLR content and that have thriving businesses. And it’s been a very good business to me over the years as well even if I have solely focused on it.

So what is PLR exactly and why is it not dead?

Because PLR seems to carry a bad name (in a weird ugly step child kinda way), I’ve decided to start calling it Licensed Content. THAT is essentially what it is. The buyer is buying content through a license. The license allows you to use it as is permitted.

There are many people out there who need to produce quality content for their audience on a regular basis. They basically have three options. Pay for a ghostwriter to produce unique content, do it themselves, or use Licensed Content. The first two take time and money. An alternative solution is to use Licensed Content that is already written on a topic you need and tweak it a bit to suit your needs. Ideally it costs less than outsourcing and you will spend less time putting it together because the bones are already there (you are not starting from scratch).

A similar practice happens in other industries…a company buys products at a lower cost and is allowed to put their branding and messaging on the product (look at store brand products like the UP brand by Target). We also do something similar in our candle company – we sell our candles to another company who then puts their labels on the candles and sells them as their own product.

The bottom line?

I’ve sold PLR content or what I’m now calling License Content every single month for the past four years! If it wasn’t in demand, I wouldn’t be able to sell it. Besides that I’m not the only one selling it so there is still a market for it. AND that shows that there are people who DO get it!

Want to learn more about how to create and sell Licensed Content? Click here!

Let me know your thoughts about this type of content. Do you use it? Do you sell it? Let me know!


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7 Powerful Ways To Use Private Label Rights Content In Your Biz

PLR Content - No Need To Reinvent The Wheel I’ve heard successful business people say that PLR is crap. Actually someone (big name) told me he would never recommend anyone use it.

I get that PLR has gotten a bad name over the years (even though it has gotten a MUCH better reputation over the last few years due to stellar PLR producers like AliceRuth, Peggy and many more).

I find that really funny/strange because private labeling is HUGE outside of the internet marketing world. You will find many companies offering private labels for various tangible products.

The thing is most ‘guru’s’ will tell you NOT to reinvent the wheel. AND that’s the exact point I want to make about using PLR content. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

The key to having success with PLR content is to use it to back up the knowledge you already have. So let’s say you are a health coach or something like that. You already have the knowledge and expertise…why waste time reinventing the wheel? Why waste time putting together your products, programs and services by starting completely from scratch? You shouldn’t. You should find PLR content that is similar to your expertise and tweak it so that you can get your stuff out into the world MUCH faster!

7 Powerful Ways To Use PLR Content

1. Support Your Expertise – So the very first powerful way to use PLR content is to use it to support your knowledge and expertise. If you want to create a program on setting up a WordPress blog then find PLR that already spells it all out. You are the expert so go through the content and fix what needs fixing, add to parts that need more information, take out any unnecessary info, etc.

2. Social Media – Take little bits of information and use it to post to your Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. This is a great way to keep people you are connected with engaged with you and your brand.

3. Freebies – Giving away content is a great way to get people to learn more about who you are and what you do. PLR content makes it that much easier to get info out!

4. Create a Webinar – Just put your content into slides and you can quickly create an event like a webinar to teach, support, or connect with your market.

5. Self Pubish on Amazon – Use PLR content to self publish on Kindle or even publish your own book on Amazon. Again this reinforces your brand.

6. Email Marketing – I LOVE using PLR content in emails because it’s super easy to do. This also helps you stay connected and helps people remember who you are.

7. Podcast or Web TV show – Use PLR content to create a podcast or web TV show so that you will always have something to say.

Good PLR also gives you ideas of what to talk and write about.  The bottom line here is that there is nothing new under the sun. Using PLR content is just a powerful way to get content out to your ideal market that much faster.

So what’s stopping you from using PLR? Or if you do use it please let us know how you use it in your biz!

Need PLR? Checkout my PLR Shop.


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How Amanda Uses PLR Content In Her Business

I’ve written about using PLR  before, but there is nothing like seeing how others use it to grow their business. So today I picked Amanda’s brain to see how she is using PLR content in her business.

Amanda currently runs Adventures in Online Marketing and she also creates and sells her own PLR. You can find quality PLR in her store. Amanda feels that internet marketing is an adventure that should be enjoyed.

I agree! Now let’s find out how Amanda use PLR content to make money in her business.

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Write Once And Get Paid Over and Over?

There are so many ways to make money online. Some will earn you a few dollars and others can buy you a yacht and maybe even a small island. Personally, I’ll take the middle road. I don’t care about being rich but I DO care about being poor!

I’ve done a lot of different things to make money online. It took a long time for me to figure out how to actually make enough money to support my family. The reason I think it took so long was because I was trying to find something that fits me. I want to enjoy what I do online and I want to help others. So when I stumbled across selling PLR content it was the perfect fit for me and my background.

I was already freelance writing and providing services so to find out that I could create content and sell it over and over was an amazing lightbulb moment! I had always been interested in product creation but I just didn’t know what to create. So PLR was the perfect solution at the time.

Selling PLR content took me from making a few hundred dollars a month to several thousands each month! It has been an exciting journey to say the least. For years I was so frustrated and felt like nothing was ever going to work out.

Now it’s time for me to help others build a nice cushy PLR business!

So today I launch my new product PLR Business Training!

Follow those links above to get started making money online selling PLR content!

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Update – What’s Working For Me

It’s June already…half of the year is already gone! Now is a great time to assess those New Years goals. Are you on track or did you fall completely off the track? In January I talked about my Amazon challenge and how I wanted to get to $5K/mo by June. Well, that didn’t happen!

BUT, as much as I want my niche blogs to be out there generating me that all so important passive income REALITY says…I need to meet a certain monthly goal by a certain time. I’m happy I set up niche affiliate blogs for the passive income that I do get on auto pilot. But if I’m going to reach my goals in a certain amount of time then I had to change things up….STAT!

I was sooo discouraged by the constant up and down rankings and the complication of building backlinks and not knowing how Google was going to react. I had to change something…and I feel so much better about my business now.

I’m not going to say that what I’m doing is the best way to make money online or that it’s easier.  I’m just able to see results faster…which is very important to me right now. I will definitely continue building my Amazon niche blogs and I even found some really good Adsense niches I want to get into once my other income is at a stable level.

So what exactly is working for me right now?

Looking at my PayPal sales I went from taking in roughly $900 in the month of March to over $3000 in the month of May.  And I’m aiming to double my sales for this month. As you can see I’m going to continue to do what’s working for me!

This income came from the following:

  • Services (mostly article writing)
  • PLR (PLR a La Carte and Health PLR Club – my own sites)
  • Affiliate Marketing (promoting other people’s products)
  • My own Affiliate Program
  • Basically all through my EMAIL LIST!

Of course, I had expenses so it’s not like it was all profit. However, once I have the systems and offers in place they run on autopilot and with little expense.

I now see the POWER in creating relevant OFFERS to an email list. It doesn’t matter if it’s your product or if it’s just a great product that you want to tell others about.

I attribute my growth to 1.) finding out what is working for me 2.) doing more of that 3.) working smarter (i.e. putting systems into place and creating more offers) and 4.) above all being focused and not spreading myself too thin!

So now that I’m seeing results I need to ramp it up. I EXPECT growth! I have to put better systems in place. I need to perfect my sales funnels and create more offers. I just bought the Profits Theme. So far, I can see I’m going to really like it.  I can’t wait to see how this helps to improve my sales funnels. There’s much work to do! But it’s fun!

I’d love to know! How you are doing with your goals! Are you on track? Did you change directions?