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Building Traffic: How To Increase Web Traffic

Everybody wants to know how to increase web traffic, right!? The more traffic, the more sales! But of course, we don’t want just any type of traffic. We want targeted traffic. We want people who are interested in whatever it is we are selling or giving away.

Building Traffic 101

First, in order to increase your web traffic you have to have something of value to offer. It doesn’t matter if your selling something or you are giving out information. There must be a reason and a goal for wanting to build traffic to your website (blog, salespage, whatever).

Do you want more readers? Do you want to sell more services?  Do you want to sell more affiliate products?

Second, you need to know who you want to attract to that offer. Third, you have to go find the type of people you want to attract.

Checking Traffic Sources (Google Analytics)

Allie from Ramblings of a WAHM, reminded me about checking traffic sources through my Google Analytics. After looking at my PLR site traffic sources, I realized a few cool things.

The top 10 traffic sources are (not counting direct):

1. Warrior Forum
2. Google Organic – yeah free traffic!
3. AWeber
4. My Blog (this blog)
5. (Pat is a smart man!)
6. (very cool PLR deals site)
9. Twitter – Started being more active!

My traffic increased by 50% from Feb to March. Cool! I just opened an affiliate program recently and it looks like a few of these sources are from affiliates so that’s exciting!

But what does this tell me? It tells me that…

Being social and building relationships, having an email list, using targeted keywords, and creating an affiliate program WORKS to increase traffic!

Let’s take a look at why these online marketing stategies work to increase traffic.

Forum Posting

Over at Peggy Baron’s blog we just did a little traffic building challenge. Overall, I did see an increase in traffic because I was targeting the right type of people to my offer (PLR). I went to where my market hangs out. This is key!

Action: Find out where your target market hangs out online!

Blog Commenting

I seem to find new and inspiring blogs every day. Stopping by and leaving your thoughts is great for three reasons. 1.) you are building relationships (which is important and shouldn’t be overlooked) plus you can find more great blogs when you look at the other comments 2.) you are providing a way for others to find you and 3.) you are building backlinks.

It plain works to increase traffic!

Action: Find blogs that are in your target market and keep in touch.

Email List

Now that I’ve started to build a targeted email list I see how important it is. Not only for building traffic but also for increasing sales.  If you haven’t started building your email list then make that a priority! I can help you just let me know.

Action: Start building a targeted email list today. If you have already have one…do you have a squeeze page?

Affiliate Program

I am convinced that having my own products and services and recruiting affiliates is a very important part of my business. I will be working on increasing things in this area. If you don’t have something you own and sell…start working on that part now.

Action: Do you have something to sell? You need to recruite affiliates! I just joined Income CPR.  Learn with me as I increase my sales.


It’s important to take a look on a regular basis to see where your traffic is coming from. This can help you assess where you need to focus your marketing efforts. You will be surprised at the bits of information you can find in your analytics!

Action: Are you tracking your web traffic? I hope so! If not, use Google Analytics or your host provider has tracking available.

Let me know! What do you think? How do you increase web traffic to your offer?