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Are You A Passionate Entrepreneur? (Lessons Learned)

pass I learned the hard way and struggled for a couple of years because I was doing everything backwards!

When I first came online I was looking for ways to just make money online. THAT was a HUGE mistake in my thinking. Instead of just wanting to make money online I should have been thinking how can I build an amazing business that is fulfilling and rewarding and that helps a lot of people.

That way of thinking – just wanting to make money online – led me down the path of getting caught up in a variety of quick money making opportunities. Instead of strategically growing my business I was jumping on every opportunity to “make money”. The problem? I wasn’t building a sustainable business. I wasn’t growing my audience. I wasn’t really covering anything that was truly important and that would make a difference in someone else’s life.

That just flat out sucks! (unless of course you want to just chase dollar bills – that’s on you)

This realization came after being exposed to some amazing passionate entrepreneurs. People who are building on a foundation, truly helping others, and are not afraid to put themselves out there.

Don’t Do This: Here are some things I’ve learned NOT to do:

– don’t just say – im going to make money online – because you are setting yourself up for failure
– don’t learn marketing first – decide what you will sell and who you will sell it too first
– don’t be something your not just because ‘everyone else is doing it’ stay true to you
– don’t pick a market just because there is money to be made in it (of course you DO want to go into a market that you can make money in – it just shouldn’t be your focus)
– don’t ignore what you’re truly passionate about
– don’t forget to build your business
– don’t be an opportunity seeker
– don’t think that there is a magic piece of software that is going to make you rich overnight
– don’t ignore the power of list building and joint ventures
– don’t ignore building a brand

Are you a passionate entrepreneur (someone who is building something amazing and not just chasing after money)? What are your thoughts on this topic? Let me know below…

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.

5 replies on “Are You A Passionate Entrepreneur? (Lessons Learned)”

Interesting article. I agree that you shouldn’t do something purely for money sake, as it really doesn’t make you happy. Find something that you love doing. You love it and the people around you whom you may be serving will be feeling that too.

I made the same mistakes because I fell for the cr*p other so-called ‘marketers’ were dishing out. Hard lessons learned.

Now, I’m building my business. I know what I’m doing most of the time, I know where my passion lies and I’m setting the right training off the right people.

Building a business takes time, discipline and a willingness to work.

Good post, Lisa, thank you.

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Hi Shan! So true about business taking time, discipline and a willingness to WORK. There are so many people promoting lies that if you are not careful you will believe the hype. It’s important to sell something that you truly believe in whether it’s a physical product or a coaching program. There are ways to work smarter, but there are no ways to get around working hard to reach your goals. If you believe 150% in something it makes it that much easier to build a solid biz!

Hi Sophia! I stopped by your blog and it’s too cute. Love that creative video you have on the home page. You look like you are doing what you love! 😉 Keep rockin’ it.

Hi Lisa,

I enjoy your article, many people today want to make that fast money and don’t realize that it takes time. They feel that its like pressing their iPhone or Remote control, I myself still learning this business and I feel better everyday and learning from others who have more knowledge then me.

When people start on their business venture, they should take things in a step by step approach and have that right mindset and also provide good content for their views and subscribers. They be amaze how things would change towards their business.

So Lisa thanks again, have a nice day.


Also provide good information and products towards my views and customers.
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