12573110_1052642318134097_4554674720244421140_n I’m always looking back to see what worked and what didn’t. If you are looking for clients then today I’m sharing with you 7 ways I got clients over the last 12 months. Woop woop!

Let’s dive straight into the goods…

#1: I asked for feedback in a survey with a bonus free call if they filled out the form. On the call, if it was right, I asked them to work with me.

#2: I sent out *personal* emails to my subscribers asking them how things were going and that I would love to speak with them if they are having problems with (I list a specific problem).

#3: I found clients by making offers inside my own Facebook group. 

#4: Clients came from mini courses/courses/programs (they purchased my course and then worked one on-one with me).

#5. Taking conversations out of a Facebook group into Messenger (that was the easiest sale ever, with my client paying right on the spot).

#6: Referrals – other lady bosses looking out! One thing that has helped me get new clients consistently is partnering with lady bosses who have my ideal clients in their audiences. I will teach a Facebook ads class for them or offer a free call with me as a part of their program bonuses.  This is an amazing way to get new ideal clients. How can you use this in your business.

#7: Using a strong call to action at the end of any live or pre-recorded videos.

BONUS: I use Facebook ads to build my list with highly targeted peeps. This works very well! Do you need a Facebook ad funnel in your business so you can bring in more clients? I can set it all up for you. Learn more here!

How about you? What have you done to get clients online? Which one(s) resonate with you?

Supporting you,



Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.