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5 Freelance Business Ideas To Start Up

freelance services Are you looking to start up your own freelance business in 2015? Well there is NO better time than now! If set up correctly a freelance business is a GREAT way to earn cash doing what you love. Plus you get to help others and work your own schedule.

I recommend starting off with a niche service. What’s a niche service? It’s a small, focused service that you can provide to a targeted market. Instead of creating a huge boutique of services you instead focus on one important task that you can do extremely well. Of course, you can always add on services later. But for now just focus on ONE primary service and dominate.

Here are five niche service ideas to get you brainstorming.

Set Up Or Edit Amazon Product Listings or Create/Edit Etsy Listings

I know people who HATE setting up product listing for products sold on Amazon and Etsy. You can be their savior and do it for them!

Bookkeeping Service For Freelancers

Bookkeeping sucks for most freelancers! While there are many web based tools and apps to help nothing beats an expert in this area.

Billing Service For Entrepreneurs

I don’t recommend that freelancers get paid after they do the work (in most cases) BUT there are many freelancers that work this way. So this would be a great service to provide to small businesses who need their payments like yesterday.

Create And Schedule Content For Facebook Posts

If you love creating content this service will help many entrepreneur save time. Most businesses have a Facebook page and many of them are not updated on a regular basis which looks bad! You can step in and be the hero by curating content and keeping the page updated.

Teach Your Specialty on Udemy

Teaching is empowering people with the knowledge they need. What skills do you have that others want to know about? You can teach this skill on Udemy.

Want more ideas? I got 40 more here!

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