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2012 Lessons Learned

Happy New Year I love looking back over the year to see what I’ve accomplished or where I need to improve. Last year I wrote Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012 and shared what I learned and accomplished. Reading that post made me think about how this is a journey and I’m in it for the long haul. It has been said that the journey is of much more value than the end result. I have to agree!

This year has been a year of transition and how to grow from one level to the next. Unfortunately, I got stuck. I felt a little paralyzed actually. I didn’t do much over the last 6 months because I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do. Thankfully two things saved me. I had recurring income and I started a biz makeover on the 30 day vlogging challenge. I am finally seeing light at the end of that dark tunnel! Whew!

A couple of months ago I came across this quote: You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. ~Zig Ziglar

I’m sure that is not the first time I heard it, but it really struck a cord. So my goal for 2013 is to help as many people possible to get what they want out of their business. πŸ™‚ Now before I create anything I’ll ask how is this going to help my market get what they want out of their business?

I also posted the following on the Warrior Forum. These are more lessons learned or relearned this past year!

  • Friendships rule – I have gotten to know more people this year than ever before. Friendships rule online! Are you building friendships?
  • Recurring income – is a big fat must in my biz. I am sooo happy I created streams of income that are recurring. It has saved me many-a-times!! Do you have recurring income (at least a little bit)?
  • Redesign – a fresh redesign of my PLR store helped to motivate and inspire me to do even better. Redesigns can give you a fresh outlook and renewed sense of commitment. Still working on one for my blog.
  • Comfort zones – are dangerous and you must step out of your comfort zone to push yourself to reach higher goals. If you don’t feel a little nervous then maybe you aren’t pushing yourself out of the zone enough.
  • Mindset – OMG is mindset HUGE. All you need is the right mindset and you will achieve anything. You need mental strength to get over the many obstacles you WILL face. How tough are you???? How confident are you?
  • Keeping it simple – is a must. Overcomplicating things that are not complicated only delays your success. All in all, the things that work are simple – have something to sell (yours or someone else’s) and building an email list.
  • Being real – being yourself is what separates you from everyone else. So why not be you?

What are some things you have learned or relearned?

I hope you all have a very happy new year and find all you are looking for in 2013!!

What about you??? What have you learned or relearned or UNlearned this past year? I’d love to know in the comments below!

By Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa and I help coaches and course creators grow their audiences and increase sales with Facebook ads.

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This year I learned:

Structure is important, but not as important as flexibility.

Recurring income makes life less scary. Even with an injury keeping me from working I know there will still be food on the table and electricity to power my computer.

Starting new things is scary but also exciting.

And last but not least…

The more you care, the scarier the idea of failure is. If you can overcome the fear of failure, it’ll be worth it though!
Amanda Thomas recently posted..Late 12/28 Wrap-Up and a New Year’s Message

The vast majority of things I unlearned this year aren’t remotely business related, yet they had the largest impact on my business.

The one thing I definitely keep unlearning is my need to be a perfectionist. I am and we are, always works in progress.
Minna Bryant recently posted..Friday Follow-up – Removing The Rules

I’m with Minna, I am striving to do away with the perfectionist junk. I can’t spend my time on something all day and then not put it out because I don’t feel it’s perfect enough.

That’s the same mindset that kept me from doing video and putting out a signature product in 2012.

Happy New Year, Lisa!
Bonnie Gean recently posted..Do It Afraid – [Video Blog]

What I learned is that when I press forward even when I feel discouraged or fearful I accomplish more than I expect. I published my first two Kindle books late last year while facing fear every step of the way. Several of your lessens learned are also on my list as well – good post! I hope this next year ends up being everything you want it to be.
Edie Dykeman recently posted..My Year End Review for 2012

What I learned:

Let go of doing it all myself… outsource.
Make time for “chatting”… you meet really great supportive people.
Things don’t have to be perfect… they just have to get done.
Organization is a must.

I learned this year that one of my strongest points is one that both helps AND hinders my progress… my ability to multi-task. Without it, I wouldn’t get much done because of my time limitations. But with it, when I DO have time, it distracts me from the task at hand. WORK ON IT!!!!

Happy New Year Lisa….looking forward to 2013 with you as a friend. πŸ™‚
Debi J recently posted..Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2012

1 – One of the biggest things that I learned wayyyy to late in the year was the importance of planning. I noticed that I get so much more done in the course of a day when I plan for the day ahead of time. I have also learned that I need to get really specific with my planning so that I can get it done faster.

2 – I have learned to do all of my writing first and do all of my relationship building a little later in the day

3 – I have learned the importance of constantly learning, growing and building a team

4 – The BIGGEST thing I learned was the importance of momentum. In October/November, I was consistently making money when I wasn’t expecting to make money. Then when I started to help my ghostwriting clients with their last orders (since I am officially not ghostwriting any longer), it was like I lost all of that momentum that I had built and my sales dropped fast. Looking at it all I really think it was because even though I was only spending part of the day ghostwriting, it was still time when I could have been doing something else to build momentum for my PLR store.

And to make things fun, here is a list of my 2013 ‘to do’ list:
a) learn to schedule to make life easier (I get so overwhelmed with blogs, emails, affiliate promotions, etc. that sometimes I feel like I don’t get anything else done).
b) build an outsourcing team
c) make 1-3 membership sites this year
d) store redesign
e)(this is big) – Affiliates – learn how to find them, love them, motivate them, and make them feel amazing.

I have other goals for this year too, but I consider mastering these things to be my ‘fastest ways to make money’ and then I can work on the other things later.

Happy 2013 Guys! I am SUPER excited about everything this year has to offer!
Rachel recently posted..Are You Planning Your 2013 Yet?

Awesome lessons learned Rachel!! I’m still trying to master planning! I didn’t realize I am such a ‘wing-it’ gal. I do things in bursts and when inspiration hits. But I must be more consistent. Momentum is huge for growth. I lost momentum mid year but I’m determined to get it back.

I like your 2013 goals too! I have a few major goals for this year including adding a new membership site, video show, and hopefully organizing a team to help!

I hope you have a great year and reach all your goals!

Happy New Year Debi! I can only multi-task well at certain times like when I’m folding clothes and listening to a webinar LOL! It’s hard to let go and get help…but so worth it! How’s your outsourcing project going?

Let’s get everything we can out of this year my friend! πŸ™‚

So true Edie! I love how you said you faced fear every step of the way AND you got it done! I hope you accomplish everything you want in 2013!

The word perfect as the way most use it means to be without flaws, shortcomings etc. And we all know that we are not without flaw. We are going to make mistakes. Instead if we all strive to be excellent in everything we do then we wouldn’t have time to worry about the perfectionist issue. So many people seem to be saying that perfectionism is holding them back. But sometimes I think it’s mostly the fear that holds people back.

So excited to see where you take your biz in 2013!!

Yes we are all works in progress! Always excelling! Isn’t that funny how learning/unlearning things that have nothing to do with business have great impacts on business? I wrote about what bowling taught me lol!

Oh flexibility is a great one! We must be flexibility and quick to move in our businesses!

I love that – starting new things is scary but also exciting!

So true about the more you care the scarier the idea of failure is!

Great insights!

That could work in your favor girl! Offline… I can start cleaning off the kitchen counter, find something on the counter that belongs in the living room, go to put that away and realize the TV’s in need of a dusting, turn to set the duster down and see something that belongs in the bathroom, take that there and find something else, get thirsty by then so head to the kitchen for a drink and… OMGosh! I was cleaning the kitchen! πŸ˜€

ONline…please! Tabs, windows, software….EVERYTHING leads from one place to the next. Interesting article I want to reply to, can’t find a file or piece of info I refer to in my reply, go to look it up and run across a site someone recommended….and on it goes.

Discipline! Fewer tabs! List of projects for the day so I can walk thru them one at a time and stay focused! THAT’S 2013! LOL

Outsourcing… I fell behind and I still have several lenses that I’ve got to get content on, but I’ll catch up with them one at a time thru Amanda’s challenge. And with Minna’s, I’m doing KW research and creating the lens… then my other guy is setting the rest up while I go find more.

With that alone, I’m going to have my 5-a-day for 5 days….25 lenses published this week alone! Then I’ll see what happens when we’re back on the truck. πŸ™‚

Also putting together a challenge… just because I thought we could all use one more right? LOL Should have a note out about it by tomorrow at the latest (I’ve been up since yesterday morning so I”m headed to bed after I hit Submit).

So far, 2013 is looking awesome…which is good cause it looks like this may be the year that WE all take care of Tiff instead of vice versa cause she’s over their in Texas trying to kill herself! πŸ˜›
Debi J recently posted..Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2012


It works to a point and yet it’s pure craziness! πŸ™‚

and inin anWhat’s funny is that it’s one of those things that I’ve just become accustomed to. But then in evaluating 2012, it finally dawned on me where that habit was bleeding into my business world… where it ISN’T necessarily a good thing.

Awareness… The first step toward solving any issues right? πŸ™‚

Setting of our 2013 Journal challenge is assisting as well from the standpoint of STAYING aware every day. Because I know at the end of the day I’m gonna go out to the lens and post for the challenge, it keeps me thinking throughout the day what I’m actually doing. I guess it’s a lot like writing down what you eat in order to become aware of where your extra crap food is coming from. LOL

And the lens challenge has been going really well. I have 26 lenses done so far! I won’t necessarily be able to do the five per day every day while I’m working, but it will certainly be more than what I did last year!
Debi J recently posted..Weekly Check In Vlog, Plans for 2013, Ready for a Journal Challenge?


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